Sánchez asks Feijóo to abandon his “desperate attempt to agitate the street” and respect the results of 23J

The acting president of the Government and general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchezhas asked the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to abandon “his desperate attempt to agitate the streets” and respect the election results of July 23.

This was reported by socialist sources at the end of the meeting held this Monday by both leaders in the Congress of Deputies. The meeting It only lasted an hour.

Sánchez has conveyed to the leader of the popular parties, “the need to respect the electoral results of the last 23-J, parliamentary democracy, and the majority will of the citizens to form a progress government“.

According to the same socialist sources, Sánchez has asked for “institutional respect for the Spanish constitution“(the obligation to renew the CGPJ that has been blocking for 5 years), “to the national symbols, which belong to all Spaniards”, “and to the national holiday of October 12 and restraint in its desperate attempt to agitate the street.”

“The PSOE was absolutely respectful in Feijóo’s investiture processeven though it would have wasted all Spaniards’ time for more than a month,” they stand out in the socialist ranks.

The party led by Sánchez highlights that in the last two weeks the PP has called two demonstrations against the investiture of the current acting president, “in which the Head of State has been disrespectedand now he is trying to make a partisan instrumentalization of the National Holiday of October 12.”

The general secretary of the PSOE has conveyed to Feijóo that the electoral results of 23-J “are indisputable” and that it respects the turn of the PSOE to articulate a parliamentary majority that allows the formation of a progressive Government. “We are not asking for your support for the investiture, but we are asking for prudence in your actions and respect for the investiture process commissioned by HM the King,” the same sources conclude.

The parliamentary spokesperson of the PSOE, Patxi Lopez, has been in charge of appearing before the media and verbalizing the party’s position after the meeting. “The president of the Government who leaves is the legitimate and legal president of Spain,” López stressed.

“Sánchez has not asked for the votes but for something more important in democracy: respect for what the polls said. And “The citizens said that they did not want a right-wing or far-right government,” López pointed out. The socialist leader has appealed to the “respect” that the PP must have for the Constitution, the symbols of the State, the investiture process, the Constitution and the head of State.

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