Sánchez announces that Spain will open a diplomatic office in Moldova

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchezannounced this Friday that Spain will soon open a diplomatic office in Moldova. The leader of the Executive has traveled to this country bordering Ukraine. He is the first Spanish president to do so officially. In the capital, Chisinau, he has held a meeting with the Moldovan president, Maia Sandu. It is now exactly 30 years since both countries established bilateral relations.

Sánchez has traveled to Moldova moved by the consequences of Vladimir Putin’s aggression against the neighboring country. It has been 100 days since the start of the war. The president has transferred to his counterpart that Spain “defends the sovereignty of Moldova”. A de facto pro-Russian republic called Transnistria operates in that territory.

Sánchez’s trip also includes a visit to the refugee center from Ukraine who is in the Moldovan capital. The leader of the Executive had this trip pending for a few weeks, when he had to postpone it due to the vote on the anti-crisis decree in Congress.

“Moldova’s attitude is exemplary in managing the massive influx of Ukrainians coming from the war,” Sánchez stressed. In this sense, she has recalled that Spain has already sent 30 tons of direct aid to this country within the fund of 8 million euros intended for countries bordering the Ukrainian territory. It has also announced that 2,000 Ukrainians who are currently refugees in Moldova will be welcomed.

“We are determined to support Moldova to overcome this dramatic crisis,” said Sánchez. The president thanked the pro-European and reformist defense developed by the Sandu government and its role in condemning Putin’s war at the UN.


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