Sánchez and Junqueras speak on the phone and symbolize the progress in the negotiations between PSOE and ERC

The acting president of the Government and general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchezheld a telephone conversation this Wednesday with the president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras. A call that symbolizes the good relationship between the Socialists and the Catalan Republicans and the progress of the investiture negotiations.

The contact occurred hours before Sánchez met with Gabriel RufianERC spokesperson in Congress. According to sources from the PSOE, Sánchez has thanked the ERC leader for his support during the last legislature and has highlighted the important political and social advances that have occurred during that time.

He also “exposed his project for the next four years and the need to achieve an agreement of progress and stability for this period.” Both leaders, according to the PSOE, “have positively valued the conversation as a sign of mutual respect and political normality.”

From ERC the statement issued this Wednesday is similar. According to the Catalan party, Junqueras has conveyed to Sánchez “the need to advance in the negotiation of the main demands that the Republicans have put on the table in view of a possible investiture.” That is, the amnesty law and the referendum, although this is not mentioned in the text sent to the media.

Likewise, the president of the Republicans “has valued the importance of the advances in political, social and anti-repressive key fruit of the last years of political negotiation between both parties”.

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