Samsung presents its new refrigerators, which use AI to save up to 30% more energy

MADRID, March 31 (Portaltic/EP) –

samsung has presented his new generation of refrigeratorswhich incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ‘machine learning’ -through the use of specific ‘software’ and sensors- to learn from user habits and achieve additional savings of up to 30 percent of consumption on its energy label .

This announcement has taken place within the framework of the Smart Tech Forum 2023, held in Madrid, in which the brand has influenced its objective of making available to the consumer a smart kitchenreflecting his commitment to sustainability, connectivity and personalization in your home appliance portfolio.

“Efficiency and connectivity are the most important factors for households of nowadays. We are delighted to demonstrate how our products inspire people to create sustainable living spaces that reflect their personal style, and how SmartThings contribute to savings,” said Nacho Ángel Murciano, Head of Home Appliances Division at Samsung Electronics Iberia.

At this event, Samsung has also emphasized improvements in their washing machineswhich also have artificial intelligence functions that allow them to learn from user habits and optimize water and energy consumption while taking care of the garments in each wash. This translates into additional savings of up to 70 percent.

All Samsung home appliances can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and, in this way, be controlled from anywhere through the SmartThings application. To make this service more comprehensive, Samsung has incorporated SmartThings Energy, which uses AI to automatically detect how much power your connected devices are consuming, offering helpful energy-saving tips.

“Samsung is a company that has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. This commitment is reflected in every stage of the life cycle of its products, from production to disposal, while also offering warranties of up to 20 years on key components of their household appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines”, concludes the brand.

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