Samsung presents its “most complete portfolio” of televisions for 2023, which leads Neo QLED 8K

QD-OLED panel technology in a 77-inch size -SAMSUNG

MADRID, 4 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

samsung has returned for another year CES consumer electronics trade show to show the new products that will hit the market this year and the prototypes that bring together the latest innovations from the South Korean brand, with special emphasis on the television sector.

Samsung has updated the series TVs Neo QLEDwhich incorporate the 8K neural processor in-house technology to improve image quality with artificial intelligence upscaling and employ a Samsung-proprietary algorithm that drives automatic HDR remastering.

It has also presented the catalog of microLED TVs (50 to 140 inches) and OLED (in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes) by 2023. The latter incorporate Quantum Dot technology, and Neural Quantum processors to improve the limitations of OLED panels in terms of brightness and color representation.

With regard to ‘lifestyle’, Samsung has incorporated the laser projector into its catalog The Premier 8K Y The Freestyle with Smart EDGE Blending featurewhich allows the simultaneous use of two projectors.

This year the company will bring to the market “the most complete portfolio ever offered by samsung”, has stated the head of TV at Samsung Spain, Pablo Requejo García. “A very powerful range” that in Spain has managed to consolidate all categories, where it currently sells seven.

In fact, in the Black Friday campaign, the 65-inch OLED television from the South Korean firm has become the best-selling television, as pointed out by the business director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Iberia, Nacho Monge. “Samsung’s OLED is really appreciated by consumers,” he added.

Monge has also shared some brushstrokes of this market, which has decreased by 4.7 percent (November 2022), but in which Samsung has achieved a 36 percent share. It also leads the soundbar market, “the great forgotten”, but “it works very well”. In Spain, one in two sound bars sold is from Samsung.

And given the European regulations that will enter into force on March 1, which introduce new limitations around the Energy Efficiency Index (IEE) for electronic screens, the head of Consumer Affairs in Spain has ensured that “Samsung televisions of 2023, all and each of them will comply with the European regulations on energy regulation, especially those of 8K”.

Samsung has also offered a preview of the Bright modewhich will reach certain Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K televisions in 2023 to enable viewing of content at people with severe loss of visual acuity. To do this, it highlights the contours and improves the contrast and color, making the content clearer.


The Display division has shared different prototypes of OLED panels that anticipate the future of portable devices. This is the case of Flex Hybrid, which allows you to create a ‘smartphone’ with the ability to fold on one side and slide on the other.

Regarding the sliding screensthe company has shared two prototypes: Flex Slidable Solo, which expands the screen on only one side, and Flex Slidable Duet, which expands it on both sides.

The QD-OLED technologywhich stands out for offering image quality from any angle, without distortion, it’s now on a 77-inch panel and uses an algorithm to enhance color brightness and peak at over 2,000 nits.

And for the autonomous vehicle segment, New Digital Cockpita set of two digital cockpit displays that enhances the viewing experience.


Appliances are never lacking on the Las Vegas scene, and this year Samsung has updated the Bespoke line, which stands out for its customization possibilities, with new fridges and an oven.

Specifically, he has presented a model of side by side refrigerator (Bespoke Side-by-Side) that presents a flat and minimalist design and automatic door opening function. Y a four-door model (Bespoke 4-Door Flex) with 32-inch screen and Full HD resolution, which integrates the Family Hub platform, with services such as Samsung TV Plus and Google Photos.

Samsung has also announced the Bespoke AI Ovenwhich integrates the SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health platforms to help lead a healthier diet.


Samsung has updated the range of monitors with Viewfinity S9 screen, with 5K resolution and 27-inch diagonal, aimed at creative professionals. It integrates a color calibration engine, which allows you to adjust the white balance, gamma and RGB color balance for perfect precision with your ‘smartphones’ through the Samsung Smart Calibration application.

It has also introduced a new model 27-inch M8 Smart Monitor, which joins the existing 32-inch model, both with 4k resolution. This new equipment includes a SlimFit camera with 2K resolution.

The Odyssey line, focused on video games, has been expanded with a new model with 8K resolution and 57-inch curved screenNeo G9, with ultra-panoramic format and 1000R curve curve.

For its part, Odyssey OLED G9 presents a 49-inch curved Quad-HD display, 1800R and a 32:9 aspect ratio. It offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 as well as RGB and true blacks without color filters. And for smooth gameplay, it also features a 0.1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate.

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