Samsung launches in Spain the second generation of its Neo QLED 8K range with three new televisions

The Business Director of Samsung Iberia, Nacho Monge, during the presentation of the second generation of the brand’s Neo QLED 8K range. – EUROPE PRESS.

MADRID, May 4. (Portaltic/EP) –

Samsung has launched in Spain the second generation of its Neo QLED 8K range with three new televisions whose price ranges between 2,799 and 9,999 euros, depending on the model and its features.

8K televisions are gaining more and more prominence. In 2021, its sales have shot up 30 percent in Spain. In addition, three out of four 8K TVs have been sold by Samsung, according to data presented by the brand’s Business Director in the Iberian Peninsula, Nacho Monge.

Monge has assured that in 2022 more 8K TVs are being sold than in 2021. And he anticipates an “especially strong” month of October in every way thanks to the coincidence in the calendar of the ‘Black Friday’ and of Qatar World Cup 2022being sporting events like this the “great drivers” of television sales.

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The flagship of this second generation of Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K range is the QN900Bwhich integrates an 8K neural processor with Artificial Intelligence (AI), 20 neural networks and Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which adds more light and greater contrast thanks to Mini LED technology, capable of reproducing more than 1,000 million colors.

The QN900B incorporates 33 million pixels and the brand’s infinity display that removes three of the four bezels from the TV for a more open look. In addition, it is the first model of the brand that integrates the 90W multi-dimensional speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos. Its price is 4,998.99 euros (65 inches), 6,990 euros (75 inches) and 9,990 euros (85 inches).

Below the QN900B are the models QN800B Y QN700B. The QN800B retains the QN900B’s neural processor, plus Quantum Matrix Technology, but its HDR standard is lower, Quantum HDR 32X. It is priced at 5,386 euros (75 inches) and 6,615 euros (85 inches).

Also, the QN700B is the most affordable model within the second generation of the Neo QLED 8K range. This television integrates the Quantum HDR 2000 standard with 2,000 nits of brightness for better lighting and compatibility with HDR10 +, for greater contrast and more vivid colors.

The price of the QN700B is 3,698.99 euros in the 65-inch model and 4,079 euros in the 75-inch model.


Samsung has also launched new models in its Neo QLED 4K range, which integrates Artificial Intelligence scaling with the Neural 4K processor with AI, which promises upscale images to 4K resolution regardless of the source resolution.

The most premium model within this line is the QN95B, which stands out for the incorporation of Quantum Matrix Technology, for better contrasts and aspire to reproduce 100 percent of the color volume. In addition, it integrates 70W speakers with Dolby Atmos technology and a refresh rate of 144Hz, for the most ‘gamers’.

Its launch price is 2,599 euros (55 inches), 3,499 euros (65 inches), 4,449 euros (75 inches) and 5,990 euros (85 inches).

Just below is the QN90B, which also has 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate in its three models, 43 inches (1,274 euros), 55 inches (2,199 euros) and 75 inches (3,899 euros). In addition, it incorporates AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology to offer better high dynamic range graphics and low latency for online games.


The new QLED generation is accompanied by the new command SolarCell Remote Controlwhich feeds on both light and radio frequencies from WiFi routers.

This new device aims to eliminate battery consumption and eliminate 200 million of these batteries that end up in global landfills. In this sense, Samsung affirms that 90 percent of the packaging of its 2022 product range is made of recycled material, with which it hopes to reaffirm its commitment to the environment.


The brand has also launched in Spain the new generation of its ‘Lifestyle’ television range, which focuses on offering different models depending on the type of user, such as The Serif, The Serif and the TV designed for outdoors, The Terrace.

Samsung has also introduced two new projectors. On the one hand, The Premiere, which promises resolution in 4K quality and in a size of up to 130 inches. For another, The Freestylewith an even more compact design for easy transport.

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Within the ‘Lifestyle’ line, Samsung has highlighted the new model Frame, with a matte anti-glare screen. In addition, it comes with three customizable magnetic frames and integrates an art store that allows subscribers to access more than 1,600 works to decorate their home, standing out for its low electricity consumption, since it barely consumes about three euros a month if you have in this mode of exposure an average of three hours per day.


Samsung has also renewed its line of towers and sound bars for a more immersive experience. On the one hand, these new devices continue to integrate the Q-Symphony functionality, introduced by the brand in 2019, which allows the speakers of the new Neo QLED televisions and the sound bar to work together, which introduces Dolby wireless connectivity for the first time. Atmos.

Within the soundbars, the most advanced model in the HW-Q990B range offers 3D surround sound through 11:1:4 channel speakers and Dolby Atmos, allowing up to 22 channels (16 channels from the soundbar and 6 channels from the TV) using the function Q Symphony, which is backed up by the accompanying subwoofer to boost the bass.

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The brand has also launched the new HW-S800B Ultra Slim soundbar, with an even more minimalist design and just four centimeters thick, which integrates passive radiator technology into the ‘subwoofer’.

Samsung has also announced the landing in Spain of a new generation of sound towers, among which the MX-ST50B/ZF model stands out, with up to 500W of power, bidirectional sound, bass enhancer and karaoke mode. There is also the MX-ST40B/ZF, which accompanies its 300W of power with a set of LED lights.

The water resistance of both models has been improved as well as their connectivity, which allows them, thanks to the mode Group Play Combine the sound of up to ten towers for more immersive sound without the need for cables.

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