Samsung announces the winners of its first Digital Art contest in Spain and Portugal

MADRID, November 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

Samsung has announced this Monday the finalists and the winner of its first Digital Art contest in Spain and Portugal, a contest in which artists have been invited to share their talent and continue working for the development of their art.

The company announced the winners at a meeting with journalists that took place at the Bless Hotel Madrid, where some of the jury members of this contest were also present.

This has distinguished the participating works in its first Digital Art contest in Spain and Portugal in four categories: audiovisual short, Net Art, digital photography and digital plastic work.

All of them will be part of the tour planned by Samsung, whose digital art exhibition will stop first in Malaga (on December 12) and then in Barcelona, ​​already at the beginning of January.

As for the jury, it was made up of four art professionals such as the designer and multidisciplinary artist Javier Mariscal, the pioneer in crypto art Javier Arrés, the director of artistic languages ​​and founding partner of Kriptie’s Juan Esteban and the artistic designer Fernando Carmona.

In the first place, Mariscal has highlighted the evolution that has taken place in art since its beginnings and has indicated that “ten years ago this contest would have been extremely difficult, impossible to carry out”

“Being part of this jury I have realized the level there is. The number of forms of audiovisual communication is beastly. The new artists bring a fresher and more uninhibited look”, he added, before recalling that “today they no longer there is that aesthetic dictatorship” from when he began his journey, with Pablo Picasso among his main references.

For his part, Carmona, also co-founder and Art Management of Kriptie’s, has commented that his experience in the world of conventional art stretches to 20 years, and has been full of stages. “I am experiencing the most exciting stage now. Big technologies are making it possible to make another type of art”, he added.

Regarding Samsung’s initiative, he acknowledged that “this support from the technology industry is essential to create new languages” and that he believes that “the digital art industry is here to stay.”

For his part, Javier Arrés explained that “digital art still needs greater consideration by the public and critics, since it needs to conquer certain art spaces and for people to see the level and quality that exists within this little world”.

The three finalists and the winner of this contest have been announced below. The first to be announced was the third prize, which was received by Pedro Alves, for ‘Filipe’, in the digital art category.

“This work presents transsexuality and the conversion process”, commented the artist, grateful for this recognition. As a reward for his work, he will choose to take courses at Domestika worth more than 100 euros.

The second prizes, directed to the category of digital plastic work, have received a latest generation Samsung tablet. The selected works have been ‘Days Of Youth’, by Kevin Beovides, and ‘My favorite heroes’, by Miguel Ángel Bonilla.

The first prize has been received by Juan Manuel López-Barajas, in the audiovisual short category for ‘Mind’. “I think that animation is a way of projecting your subconscious in a work and directing it to another person”, has commented López-Barajas, the author.

Thanks to this award, you will have the opportunity to train in a specialized way at the Higher School of Design (ESDI), either through a Master’s Degree in Digital Art Curation or a first academic year of the Higher Degree Training Cycle in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments.

The technological manufacturer will exhibit these and the rest of the works of the contest in this hotel and will project them on its new Neo QLED 8K televisions and on Samsung The Frame until November 27.

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