Samantha – Samantha is very dedicated.. How if she doesn’t support: Director Siva Nirvana

Director Siva Nirvana has made his mark in the Telugu film industry by bringing new love stories to the screen. His films ‘Ninnu Kori’, ‘Majili’ and ‘Tuck Jagadish’ impressed the family audience. Now his new movie ‘Khushi’ is produced by Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha. The film is gearing up for a pan-India release on September 1. As the release date of ‘Khushi’ approaches, director Siva Nirvana shared her experiences with the media as part of the film’s promotion.

✦ There have been many movies in the past with pre-marriage and post-marriage problems. But in this movie I wanted to tell the story with entertainment befitting the title. The scenes with entertainment were seen in the trailer. All these are heart touching in theatre. I told this story to Vijay after the movie Dear Comrade. A year and a half after telling the story, we took it to the sets of the film. Because Vijay is busy with Ligar movie. I wanted to do an out-of-the-box movie after doing Nee Kori, Majili, Tuck Jagadish. But when I met Vijay I told Khushi’s story as a small point. He liked it very much. Thus began the journey of ‘Khushi’.

✦ ‘Khushi’.. There are also news of a point similar to Mani Ratnam’s ‘Sakhi’ but it has a unique point. I believe it would be better if popular stars like Vijay and Samantha address a problem in the current society. This point is connected to them. We didn’t show that point in the trailer. Must see in theater.

✦ I have shown failed love stories in my previous movies, Ninnukori and Majili. But this time I wanted to make an entertaining, energetic, fun love story. I am a fun person personally. I thought it would be fun for this movie, some more titles. But when Vijay and Samantha wanted to take the film to a pan-Indian level for their pan-Indian image, it would be better to have a single title in five languages. So we fixed the title ‘Khushi’. This film does not have any version of hero or heroine. Balanced. This movie started with Vijay. After that, if there is a heroine like Samantha, the film will be stronger and we asked her. Vijay is well liked by the female audience in this movie.

✦ The Kashmir backdrop was born from the idea of ​​how to tell a love story in a new way. While writing the story, the second half is ready. But instead of showing the love story in the college, I thought it would be better to start from a feel-good place, a pleasant place. Also, I thought the introduction between the hero and heroine should be fun. As you can see in the trailer, the hero calls the heroine Begum once and again. It’s all fun. Samantha is very cooperative for shooting. A very dedicated heroine. How can we all not support such a heroine if she gets a health problem. She used to say that she would come in the middle of the treatment but it was difficult to make schedules by giving a gap in between.. We told her to come only after she is completely cured.

✦ When Hesham was approached for the music of ‘Khushi’, it was felt that he can give good music. When I told Vijay, he also said ok. Hesham gave superb music. All the songs are hits. Naa Roja Nuvve was a hit in all languages ​​including Hindi. Since the music has a good name, we decided to start the promotion of the film in a grand way with that music, so we organized a music concert. This is Vijay’s idea.

✦ Vijay has good comedy timing. The timing of the comedy was similar in the films Pelli Govindam and Geetha Govindam. But he did stylish comedy in this. Vijay’s character is well liked by girls and family audience. Everyone owns his character. In ‘Khushi’ there is no conflict between Hindu and Muslim. But we will show a very sensitive issue in the story. You will like it. We have taken the back drop of Kashmir for a pleasant atmosphere.

✦ Vintage Samantha will be seen in ‘Khushi’. She has done different genres like Family Man. Now it feels good to see Samantha in a love story. Destiny is not in my hands to make films at speed. I have been doing films for two years. In the middle came the covid. Even then we worked hard and somehow completed Tuck Jagadish. It was a theatrical film but went OTT. It is not known how the result would have been if it had been released in theaters. But the movie that I made my mind on was Tuck Jagadish.

✦ The story of the movie ‘Khushi’ has no resemblance or connection with Samantha’s real life. This is a story I wrote three years ago. We have done Majili with her so we took her into this because she can act well. That’s all she played her character in the story I wrote. If another heroine acts in this movie, there will be no chance for such questions.

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