Sad balance of CAME due to SME sales: collapse of 13.7% in December and 3.4% down in 2023

The usual survey that Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) ago on the sales numbers of SMEs registered in December a severe year-on-year collapse of 13.7% in retail sales, a number that had a decisive impact so that the year 2023 ends with a year-on-year decline of 3.4%.

Reyes’ sales, speaking now of 2024, did not aim to improve the equation either, with a retraction also of around 13% compared to the beginning of 2023, so that CAME’s general outlook is in line with the general picture, which since The libertarian government summarizes in three words: “There’s no money”.

“There was little movement of people, and purchases were limited to clothing and toys for the younger segment,” expressed from CAME. Of course, as a result of the crushing inflation and uncontrolled price marking, The average ticket for Reyes purchases registered 327% above last year.

In this sense, CAME highlighted that “the last month of 2023 turned out to be the most challenging for the SME trade sector, which had hoped to compensate for the losses accumulated between January and November”, given that “December is traditionally a period highlight of the year” in terms of sales.

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However, consumers only bought what was essential, due to increases in the prices of goods and services ““They limited their purchasing power.”. In the general balance they also detected that “The market was also not generous in financing options and offers, which forced us to carefully manage the available resources.”

CAME reflected that the businesses agreed that December was marked only by Christmas and stressed that “many of the purchases were strategically anticipated in November to avoid the price increases that were coming for the last month.”

CAME 2024 report

The report distributed by the Chamber indicated that only the Footwear and Leather Goods category exhibited a modest increase of 0.4%, at constant prices, managing to maintain a positive performance. In contrast, the other branches closed the year with declining numbers, with Food and Beverages standing out especially with a decline of 5.7%.

Sales by Three Wise Men

According to the businesses, sales due to the arrival of the Three Wise Men 2024 2024 fell 13.6% compared to the same date in 2023, measured at constant prices.

CAME 2024 report

The entity highlighted the little movement of the public and that purchases were limited to clothing and toys for the younger segment. The average ticket was $28,468, 327% above last year. Which shows a decrease in sales, but at a higher price.

The only item that had a positive balance was the clothing sector. With an increase of 5.1% compared to last year, this was the only one of the five items surveyed that ended up. The area with the greatest drop in sales was technology. The sale of video, audio, cell phone and accessories equipment had a decrease of 26.9 percent.

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For its part, the food and beverage sector had a decrease of 5.7% compared to 2022, while footwear and leather goods turned out to be the one with the best dynamics, registering an increase of 0.4% in the same comparison.

Performance by sector

Food and drinks revealed a 19.8% collapse in December compared to the previous year at constant prices, and accumulated a drop of 5.7% throughout 2023. In terms of the monthly comparison, a decline of 13.2% was recorded. in consumption.

Bazaar, decoration, home textiles and furniture registered a decrease in sales of 5.9% annually in December at constant prices.

Footwear and leather goods It was another of the sectors with retraction. Annual sales suffered a marked decrease of 9.1% annually in December, although they ended 2023 with an increase of 0.4%, being the only one that grew last year. In the month-on-month comparison, the balance is negative since sales decreased 10.3 percent.

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Despite the constant increases in its products, Pharmacy It had a collapse in sales that reached 19% annually in December, at constant prices and ended 2023 with a small decline of 0.1%. In the month-on-month comparison, they rose 15.3%.

Perfumery It also had a decrease, in this case of 9.7% annually in the last month of 2023, which led to the year ending two points below.

Despite the growth in construction, the construction sector hardware, electrical materials and construction materials They fell 14.2% annually in December, accumulating a decline of three points in the annual period. According to the data for the month of December, the results remained in the red with a negative 11.7 percent.


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