Russian disbandment in Kharkov: Ukraine recovers 2,000 square kilometers in a few days of offensive

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas ensured that the Ukrainian Army has recovered in the first ten days of September around 2,000 square kilometers of territory which was under the occupation of Russian troops.

“The movement of our soldiers in different directions of the front continues. At this time, as part of the active actions since the beginning of September, about 2,000 kilometers of our territory have already been liberated,” Zelensky said in his daily speech. to the nation. Independent sources agree with the Ukrainian president and even claim that the Ukrainian offensive is greater. The Institute for the Study of War already speaks of 2,500 square kilometers recovered.

For now, the Armed Forces have reported operations “underway” in several locations in the Kharkov region. One of the most important has been carried out in the Kupyansk townof 30,000 inhabitants, which it had been controlled by Russian forces since the end of February.

For its part, Moscow has recognized the withdrawal of troops in the area, although attributing it to technical reasons and not to the alleged defeats to which the Ukrainian president alluded during his speech. According to Zelensky, the Russian Armed Forces have made a “good decision” by fleeing. “The Russian Army is doing its best, showing its back. And, in the end, it is a good decision for them to flee. There will be no place for the occupiers in Ukraine,” he said.

The taking of Kupiansk is a serious setback for the Russians, since the town was until now strategic in their logistics lines. According to some analysts, those of Putin would be experiencing a real debacle in the area and information from the ground speaks of an authentic disbanded in which they are leaving behind massive amounts of material.

Russia closes Zaporizhia

In addition, the Russian authorities that control the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia they have stopped this morning the last reactor that continued to operate in this energy installation due to the persistence of attacks against the plant.

The disconnection of the Ukrainian network, as a result of the constant bombardments in the vicinity of the plant, had forced the plant to operate in island mode, so that the only active reactor – number six – was limited to supplying energy for the facilities themselves.

The operator Energoatom has explained in its Telegram profile that, after the restoration of one of the external lines on Saturday night, the decision has been made to stop and cool the reactor, claiming that it is the safest thing for avoid a possible disaster.


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