Russian collapse? Ukraine advances in its offensive and ensures that it has retaken another city of Kharkov

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have informed this Saturday of the taking of the town of Kupiansk, in the Kharkov region and a hundred kilometers from the capital, which is the second largest city in Ukraine. Kupiansk, population 30,000 it had been controlled by Russian forces since the end of February.

In addition, videos published on social networks would show that the Ukrainians continue their advance and it is already close to Izium, with 45,000 inhabitants and which has been under Russian rule since the end of March. Some media and analysts are already talking about Russian debacle in the area.

“We will liberate our land!”

“Men of the special forces of the Central Security Service A of the Ukrainian secret service (SBU) in Kupiansk, who was and always will be ukrainian!”, The SBU itself has published in its official account on Telegram. “We will liberate our land down to the last inch! Let’s go over there! Glory to Ukraine!” Continues the text, picked up by the Ukrainian press.

In addition, photographs have been published of soldiers from the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces posing with a flag of the country supposedly in the reconquered city. Kupiansk is a key point of the logistics supply chain from Russian territory to the city of Izium, analysts quoted by the Ukrainian press highlight.

This advance is part of the offensive launched by the Ukrainian forces on August 29 in the Kherson and Kharkov regions, which has allowed them to recover 30 towns in Kharkov.


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