Russia warns that there is a real threat of a new missile crisis

Moscow asks that the security guarantees demanded from the US and NATO be “taken very seriously”

MADRID, 27 (.)

The Government of Russia has warned this Monday that there is a real threat of a new missile crisis and has asked that Moscow’s proposals on security guarantees be taken into account, given the increase in tensions with the United States and the NATO.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov has said that comparing the current situation with the missile crisis is not a “very strong” statement and has stressed that it is “very close” to that line, according to the agency. Russian news outlet Sputnik.

“I would not like us to analyze an escalation scenario,” he said, before adding that after this “line”, diplomacy “begins to play a secondary role.” “To solve this situation, political and diplomatic means should be used mainly,” he argued.

“We ask that this be taken very seriously, not that something demanding, redundant be sought in our proposals,” he said, before stressing that these proposals have been heard “in Washington, in Kiev and in the NATO capitals” .

In this sense, he has emphasized the need to “obtain legal and binding security guarantees” and recalled that this has been raised “repeatedly” by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The proposal was presented on December 17 by Moscow.

Riabkov also stressed that Moscow urges Washington to discuss this issue immediately and added that “it can no longer be postponed.” “This serious matter must be addressed here and now,” he said.

Likewise, it has indicated that these proposals are not part of any supposed policy aimed at reconstituting the Soviet Union and has pointed out that “the return to the past does not exist.” “Time has passed, but it is impossible to tolerate the ideas of our ‘colleagues’ that everything must continue according to the previous script, and only tendencies that are destructive to us should continue to strengthen.”

The Russian deputy foreign minister has argued that these are not “spheres of influence” but “spheres of vital interest”, while ruling out border changes. “

After that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov affirmed that Moscow will hold a round of talks with the US government on security guarantees in early 2022, while criticizing the statements on the subject by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.


Lavrov himself said on Monday that the negotiations will start after January 10. “It is with the United States with whom we will hold the main round of talks, which will take place immediately after the New Year holidays in Russia,” he told the Soloviov Live YouTube channel.

In this way, he stressed that Moscow is not interested in “endless negotiations” in which “the West will again explain something ambiguously, and then definitively deceive.”

Lavrov has also pointed out that senior Russian military officials will participate in the negotiations with NATO and has pointed out that “the conversation will only make sense with the participation of the military,” before completely ruling out the possibility of Russia joining the organization.

The member countries of NATO have for the moment refused to join this moratorium and have left the door open for the deployment of missiles of these characteristics in Europe, amidst the tensions on the border with Ukraine.

On the other hand, Lavrov has insisted that Russia “would find an answer” in the event that Western countries totally isolate the country through sanctions. “I am sure that even if that unthinkable scenario materializes, … we will find an answer,” he said.

In this way, he has stressed that Moscow is not going to “humble itself” and ask for the sanctions to be withdrawn, after the US Vice President, Kamala Harris, promised “unprecedented sanctions” if the situation in the conflict in Ukraine worsens.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has been skeptical during the day about these statements and recalled that “before it, Biden had already promised several times (the president of the United States, Joe).”

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