Russia says the US “adds fuel to the fire” with its announcement to send more missiles to Ukraine

The Kremlin considers that United States (US) “is adding fuel to the fire deliberately” for its decision to send more missiles —self-propelled projectiles and armored vehicles (MLRS)—to Ukraine. This has been pointed out by the spokesman for the Russian Executive, Dimitri Peskov, stating that the United States “sticks to the argument of fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

According to the Russian news agency interfacePeskov has argued that “these renditions do not help to awaken among the Ukrainian authorities the desire to resume the peace talks“. And he has emphasized who “does not trust” in the words of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, after the refusal to use this type of weaponry on Russian soil. “To trust you must have previous experience of cases in which promises were kept; the Minsk agreements were not fulfilled and fell into oblivion because of Ukraine,” added the Russian spokesman.

Hours before, the White House had affirmed the sending of the MLRS to Ukraine through an article in New York Times. According to the US president, Joe Bidenthe delivery of the missiles was made to deal with the Russian invasion and hit “key targets”.

Although the US president did not specify the type of systems sent to the Ukrainian country, although a senior official pointed out that they were High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), i.e. multiple missiles mounted on light armored vehicles.

Russian advance on Lugansk forces Ukraine to back down

As part of the shipment of weapons by the US response, Russian troops have advanced to the area of Severodonetsk, in the Luhansk region. An advance that has caused the Russian offensive to force the Ukrainian forces to back down in the face of repeated complaints about the lack of resources on the front.

According to the spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Oleksandr MotuzyanykRussia would have deployed “its maximum potential to reach the border of the Luhansk region”, an issue that the General Staff of Ukraine has reaffirmed by pointing to the Russian “partial success” that has established “control over the eastern part of the city”.

Although the governor of the province, Serhiy Gaidai, has communicated that “a part of the Ukrainian troops withdrew to more advantageous and previously prepared positions, while another is still fighting inside the city“. Although the spokesman, Andrei Marochko, of the pro-Russian militias has confirmed Russian domination in the town, where 70% of the city It is under Russian control.

Gaidai added that few towns in the region remain in the hands of kyiv -specifically, only 5%- and that are under “enemy fire”, which makes it difficult to organize evacuations. “You don’t win quickly, but we will win; we are waiting for Western weapons and preparing for unemployment!” the Ukrainian president stressed.

The Russian advance has raised the concern of the Ukrainian Executive regarding the shortage of arms supplies. the president himself Volodymyr Zelensky explained that “everyone, at all levels, must now be a lobbyist for the provision of heavy weapons and modern artilleryall those systems that can really hasten Ukraine’s victory.” Joining the U.S. remittance were 20 European countries — including Denmark, Italy, Greece, Norway and Poland — who pledged in late May to donate more military aid to Ukraine.


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