Russia defends “imposing an arms embargo” on Ukraine to prevent them from falling into arms trafficking networks

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a ceremony in Moscow – -/Kremlin/dpa

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MADRID, July 27 (.) –

The Russian authorities have defended this Wednesday the need to “impose an arms embargo” on Ukraine to control the flow of weapons delivered to kyiv to face the Russian military offensive and prevent them from falling into the hands of arms trafficking networks.

“In order to control the supply of weapons to Ukraine by the United Nations, it is necessary to impose an arms embargo against this country through a resolution of the UN Security Council,” said Russia’s deputy representative to the international organization, Dimitri Polianski, in statements granted to the Russian newspaper ‘Izvestia’.

“It is clear that Western countries will never allow this,” he acknowledged, before stressing that Russia “has repeatedly transferred the problems of arms deliveries to Ukraine.” “We will continue to raise them before the UN Security Council,” she assured.

Likewise, Polianski has stated that in order to restart negotiations with Ukraine, kyiv must “adopt a realistic position and act in line with the interests of its people and not those of the United States or other Western countries, which are at war with Russia and they indirectly use this country to the last Ukrainian”.

“In the UN we do not have a dialogue with kyiv and we did not have it before the start of the special operation due to the inadequacy of the current permanent representative,” he pointed out, while ruling out “mediation” by Western countries because ” several Western countries in the UN Security Council hand over weapons to the kyiv regime”.

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On the other hand, he pointed out that the recently reached agreement for the export of grain from Ukrainian ports “is interconnected” with a relaxation of sanctions on Russian exports. “It is impossible to solve the food crisis without full access to the markets for Russian products and fertilizers,” she explained.

“The role of Ukrainian grain is highly overvalued in this matter. At the origin of the crisis is not the special military operation in Ukraine, but the wrong policies and miscalculations at the economic level by Western countries,” Polianski concluded. , referring to the sanctions imposed against Moscow in response to the invasion.

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