Russia could revoke veto on nuclear weapons tests

He President Vladimir Putin He said Russia could overturn a ban on nuclear weapons testing, and complained that the U.S. did not ratify a treaty imposing the ban.

“We could imitate the behavior of the United States, which signed but did not ratify” the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Putin said Thursday at the annual meeting of the Valdai Club in the seaside city of Sochi. Black.

“This is a matter for legislators,” he said. “In theory, we can revoke this ratification.”

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The Russian leader said military experts assured that tests of new nuclear weapons would provide guarantees that the warheads are fully functional. Russia recently successfully tested a nuclear-powered missile called Burevestnik and has just put into service the Sarmat, an advanced intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile, Putin said.

Russia is one of 178 countries that have ratified the treaty. The US, one of the 187 nations that signed the agreement, has not yet ratified it, which must be done by vote in the Senate. The US has not conducted any nuclear tests since signing the agreement.

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Putin dismissed an audience member’s call for lowering Russia’s threshold for a nuclear attack, saying there is no need to change nuclear doctrine since nothing threatens the country’s existence.

Earlier this year, Russia delivered tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, escalating tensions with the US and Europe over the war in Ukraine. Repeated hints by Kremlin officials since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 that they might use the weapons have sparked international alarm and warnings against resorting to nuclear weapons.

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