Russia considers the dialogue with the US on strategic arms control to be “frozen”


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The Russian government has ratified this Saturday that the talks with the United States on strategic arms control with the United States are “frozen” by the White House sanctions against Moscow in the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Vladimir Yermako, has lamented that “all Washington’s actions go in the diametrically opposite direction” to a process of talks, reports the TASS agency.

“In dialogue, and even more so in strategic dialogue, it is necessary, at a minimum, to have a partner with the right mindset. At the moment, such dialogue is formally ‘frozen’ on the US side,” he said.

However, Yermako has opened a door to the return of the talks if Russia completes the objectives that it has set in the invasion or the United States suspends the sanctions.

“Apparently, it will be possible to return to a substantive conversation about the prospects of resuming a large-scale Russian-American negotiation process on the strategic agenda only after the implementation of all the tasks set within the framework of the special military operation in Ukraine,” Yermakov said, using the official name Russia uses to describe the invasion.

One of the last talks on strategic weapons — including nuclear — took place in November last year, when Russia and the United States agreed to form two working groups on arms control and “strategic effects.” after an “intense” and “substantive” debate.

It was the second meeting in this sense since the meeting since the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and his American counterpart, Joe Biden, held in June.

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