Russia, China and Iran challenge the US with large military maneuvers in Venezuela


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The armies of Russia, Iran and China will hold joint military maneuvers in Venezuela, specifically, in the city of Barquisimiento, in the state of Lara, from this Saturday until August 27. As reported ABCit is the first time that this war drills event with drones and sniper commands led by Russia, and it does so one day after the end of the annual military operations organized by the US Southern Command, baptized as “Panamax 2022”, in which the armed forces of twenty countries in the region participate.

The Kremlin intends to make a show of force in the Caribbean – an area considered Washington’s backyard – and, in these military exercises, some 270 teams from 37 countries, among which, in addition to those mentioned, are Algeria, Belarus, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Myanmar. They all have in common their hatred of the US and the fact that they have suffered sanctions.

as collected Clarion, the Center for a Secure Free Society –SFS, for its acronym in English– defined these exercises as “a strategic movement that seeks to preposition (sic) military assets deployed in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The text quoted statements by Putin, who assured that in the US “they have not realized that new powerful centers have emerged and are becoming stronger and stronger“. “A year and a half ago –said the Russian president in June, in Saint Petersburg–, speaking at the Davos forum, I once again emphasized that the era of the unipolar world order is over. Despite all attempts to save it, to preserve it by all possible means. When they won the Cold War, the USA declared themselves God’s own representatives on earthpeople who have no responsibilities, only interests”.

Russia, China and Iran have made at least three joint military exercises in Asia since 2019. Now, they move the exercises to America. The fact demonstrates the growing influence of US rivals on the continent, as indicated by Javier Ansorena in ABC: China boosts its economic presence, the presidents of Argentina and Brazil appear to support Putin in the hemisphere and Maduro strengthens its relations with Iran.


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