Russia calls Estonian Prime Minister’s words on visas “nationalistic”

MADRID, Aug. 10 (.) –

The Russian ambassador to Estonia, Vladimir Lipaev, has called the words of the country’s prime minister, Kaja Kallas, who has asked the countries of the European Union to “stop issuing tourist visas” for “nationalists” on Wednesday. Russian citizens for considering that “visiting Europe is a privilege and not a human right”.

“These are nationalist words and that is absolutely clear, but we must say that this is not the first time that Kallas has made these kinds of comments. She positions herself as a politician at European level, has great ambitions for the future and considers that it is necessary to remember herself these kinds of statements,” she asserted.

Lipaev has thus lamented some words that he considers “anti-Russia” and that are part of an Estonian foreign policy that “will continue” along the same lines. “We must not forget that parliamentary elections will take place in March in Estonia and, based on this anti-Russian rhetoric, Kallas seeks to increase the popularity of his party,” he has stated.

“These comments of his are justified within the framework of internal politics. We can expect him to continue along these lines,” he added before clarifying that for him, refusing to issue visas to Russian citizens is against the law and International Law.

Thus, it has recalled that in October 1991, Estonia adhered to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, for which it is obliged to comply with its regulations. “Article 12 includes the right of all citizens to free movement. There is no word that indicates these rights can be limited based on the nationality of each one,” she asserted.

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