Rueda tries to make profitable the clientele network in the Galician media that Fraga and Feijóo designed

The electoral war machine that has allowed the Popular Party of Galicia to win eight absolute majorities in the last 35 years is largely based on the clientelistic network that the popular Galicians have woven around the Galician media ecosystem.

He devised and sewed that network in the nineties Manuel Fraga, former Franco Minister of Information under whose mandates in the presidency of the Xunta, after the democratic transition, the term “overwhelming” journalist became popular. Let’s understand the joke-concept: “Over-fucking.” A big-eyed emoticon would be great here, right? To define those turn-of-the-century journalists so deontologically promiscuous as lacking cash. Some are still active in these evil elections of the early 20s of the 21st century. How much damage the shoulder pads inherited from the 80s have done!

The infra-network of Fraga’s Pepero populism was perfected for the millennials Alberto Núñez Feijóo, inflating multimillion-dollar aid to the main businessmen who own newspapers in the country, in the midst of social cuts during and after the financial crisis. It was about adjusting the editorial line of their newspapers to the construction of that political image of a fine provincial manager which finally took him from Santiago to Genoa (13).

He now takes advantage of the path opened by his predecessors Alfonso Ruedawho in his barely two years of mandate as accidental president has walked the same path of generous spending of public moneyor for the benefit of the owners of those media that create and manipulate opinion, those who, based on public aid, have the capacity to open and conduct political debates that interest Galician society.

45 million in 13 years

In the thirteen years in which Feijóo governed the community, he gave almost 45 million euros to a handful of journalistic companies. Specially to The voice of Galiciaowned by the businessman from Coruña Santiago Rey, which took more than 15.8 million euros in that period. They follow him Vigo Lighthouse, The Galician Post and La Opinion Coruñafrom the Moll family (Prensa Ibérica); The region from Ourense and Daily Atlanticfrom the Outeiriño; Progress of Lugo and Pontevedra Newspaperby editor Blanca García Montenegro; The Galician Ideal, Ferrol Diary and Arousa’s Diaryby the gambling businessman José Collazo…

Of course, all these media no longer have the influence and impact they enjoyed years ago. So the opposition parties have understood that they have to look for themselves Other ways to get your messages across to the citizens.

“We have opted for other alternative channelsthrough digital and social networks,” say sources from the PSdeG campaign management. They affirm that in the first two days of the campaign they managed to increase the number of subscribers to J’s Twitter account by 1,500.Osé Ramón Gómez Besteirobased on ingenious videos embedded in Tik Tok, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube…

“It is very complicated to do politics with a conservative and politically co-opted media systemeither. No media group has the capacity to survive financially without subsidies, and that generates clientelistic relationships. When it is not the Xunta, it is the town councils and the socialist councils,” he warns. Susana López VerdePodemos campaign director.

Permanent invisibility

“For political parties like ours, it is not only the campaign, it is the silencing and permanent invisibility. All the municipal work, or the work with groups that we do, remains invisible, and what is not communicated does not exist. In the end, in Galicia we have gone from being constantly attacked to trying to starve us to death,” he adds.

Public has tried without success to obtain the opinion of Sumar Galicia. Also from the Popular Party, whose campaign management has ignored the offer of this newspaper to express its opinion on the accusation of having spent years manipulating public television and radio in Galicia in favor of the PP.

And yet, the PP seems to be on edge. “If anyone doubts that it is true that we are contesting the presidency of the Xunta, they only have to watch Galicia Television,” the BNG candidate said last Friday, Ana Ponton.

The workers of the Galician public television have been denouncing for more than five years the manipulation that the management of the autonomous media forces them to exercise in order to favor the interests of the Popular Party.

Alfonso Rueda has refused to participate in any other debate, whether in public media (TVE) or private media (chain SER). Significant. Or not?

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