Ronaldo: “It’s a challenge, my job in Europe is done”

“I don’t care what people say, it’s not the end of my career”

MADRID, 3 Jan. (.) –

The Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo affirmed that signing for the Al Nassr team from Saudi Arabia is a “not only football challenge” and he hopes to break all the records in the country’s league as he has done in Europe, as well as saying that he does not care about opinion of the fans because, according to him, “it is not the end” of his career.

“My work in Europe is done, I am proud of this new challenge.
It is a challenge, not just football, to sign for Al Nassr,” he said at the presentation press conference with his new coach, the Frenchman Rudi García, and before being cheered by the 30,000 fans at the Mrsool Park stadium in Riyadh.

Cristiano Ronaldo stressed that the world of football “is very advanced” and declared himself “happy” to play in a “competitive” league like the Arab one. “I want to play, even tomorrow if the coach gives me the chance. I’m not worried about what people say, today football has evolved and it’s very competitive. It’s not the end of my career,” he said.

Ronaldo affirmed that he will maintain his competitive level in his new team after triumphing in clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United. “I have broken all the records in Europe and I want to do it here too. I have come here to win. I want to enjoy and smile together here at Al Nassr,” he said.


In his opinion, many people “talk, but don’t know anything about football”, and pointed out that one of the reasons that prompted him to accept Al Nassr’s offer is to “transmit a different vision of the country and of football” from Saudi Arabia. .

“That is why I have accepted this challenge. It is a great opportunity, not only in football, to change the mentality of the new generations. Many clubs in Australia, the United States, Portugal tried to sign me. It is my decision, my family has supported me, especially my children, we are proud. The people in Saudi Arabia love me. The welcome has been spectacular,” he said.

For his part, Rudi García declared himself “very happy” to have the Portuguese striker on his squad. “The most important thing is what happens on the pitch. We need to train and win. I hope Cristiano is happy playing for Al Nassr,” he wished.

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