Roja who met Chiranjeevi .. Megastar who greeted the minister’s family with love


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Roja has now come to Hyderabad as AP Minister. Roja politely met CM KCR and then went home to the megastar. The Roja family made a fuss in the small house together. Along with Chiranjeevi and Surekha, all the members of the Roja family had fun.

This is the first meeting between RK Roja and Andhra Pradesh Minister of State for Tourism, Culture, Sports and Youth Services. Roja Ila Chiru came home immediately after meeting CM KCR. Chiranjeevi, who left the film industry and made his mark in AP politics, was felicitated and honored on the day he became a minister. Afterwards, Chiranjeevi, Surekha, Roja and Roja family got together and expressed their happiness.

Related videos and photos are going viral on Netflix. The megastar, however, lovingly invited the Roja family. Rosa greeted the children with a smile. Roza’s daughter Anshu fell in love. And then everyone spent time together doing so for fun.

All in all Roza however is now fixated on staying completely away from the screen. It is known that Roza has announced that she is also going to the Zabardast show which brought her a lot of fame and craze.


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