Rodri: “We’re going home, it’s one of the worst days”

MADRID, Dec. 6 (.) –

The midfielder of the Spanish team Rodri Hernández confessed that this Tuesday, with the elimination of the World Cup in Qatar on penalties against Morocco, was “one of the worst days” for a team that deserved to “go” to the quarterfinals and with which he believes football was “cruel”.

“Football has these things, it has been a very competitive game that has been decided on penalties and against an opponent who knows how to play. We have generated, but it has been complicated. There is not much more to say, on penalties we have not been successful and we’re going home on one of the worst days”, Rodri told ‘TVE’.

The Manchester City player acknowledged that they expected “eleven guys behind like in almost every game.” “It’s complicated and frustrating, I don’t know what else to say, I wish we had passed and that there was someone up there who would have helped us a bit because this team deserved to go through. It has been cruel because we have given everything and I think we deserved to go through,” he lamented. .

“Football has this, we haven’t managed to get the ball to go in and if you don’t, you go to penalties, where even if people say no, it’s a lottery and we haven’t scored any. I want to thank those who helped us They have always been supporting the Spanish fans who have been with us and who have come here because we have felt close to them”, he declared.

For his part, the goalkeeper Unai Simón stressed that he “sincerely” believed that they had been “more than 120 minutes”. “We have put them in their field and they have not wanted to leave, but it is of little use if we do not hit the goal in front of us. Realistically, they have been superior in the shoot-out”, he pointed out to ‘TVE’.

“We are seeing that there are surprises throughout the World Cup and that the matches are very close, with a high defensive level by teams that have matches like Morocco. We have not been able to overcome them, we did not expect to be eliminated against Morocco, but it is the reality “, admitted the Athletic goalkeeper.

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