Robles warns that the explosive letters will not change Spain’s commitment to help Ukraine


Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, on an official visit to Odesa (Ukraine) – MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

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From the Ukrainian city of Odesa, calls for Putin to be tried by international criminal courts

MADRID, Dec. 1 (.) –

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has warned this Thursday that neither the sending of explosive letters nor any other violent activity will change Spain’s “firm and clear” commitment to support Ukraine in its defense against the Russian military offensive.

Robles has traveled this Thursday to the Ukrainian city of Odesa, coinciding with the shipment of letters with explosive devices in Spain to the Moncloa Palace, the Ukrainian and United States embassies in Madrid, the Instalaza military company, the Torrejón air base de Ardoz and the Ministry of Defence.

In an appearance with his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, Robles has summoned the police investigation that is underway to clarify who is responsible for the shipments.

“But what must be made very clear is that none of these shipments or any other violent action is going to change the clear and firm commitment of Spain, the NATO countries and the European Union to support Ukraine, because Ukraine is defending a just cause”, he remarked.


Robles arrived in Odesa by road from Chisinau (Moldova) and was received at the border by the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine, Ricardo López-Aranda Jagu, and by a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

From there, the delegation continued its journey by caravan to Odesa, where upon arrival, the minister visited the monument dedicated to the Spaniard José de Ribas, founder of this city. Subsequently, she has held a working meeting with her Ukrainian counterpart.

In his appearance before the media, Robles reaffirmed Spain’s commitment to Ukraine. “Ukraine is not only defending its sovereignty and international integrity, but it is defending peace in the world and the community of democratic values,” he thanked his defense minister.

But in addition, he has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of violating “any rule of international law” and has expressed his desire that “one day” he can be brought before international criminal courts. “Meanwhile, Spain is a serious partner and committed to the policy decided by NATO, which is a policy of unity and full support for Ukraine,” he guaranteed.


The Ukrainian Defense Minister has recognized that Spain was the first country to respond to his request for anti-aircraft defenses to be able to face missile attacks. In this sense, Robles has recognized that both Spain and the entire European Union and NATO are aware that this material continues to be a priority for Ukraine, although he has avoided giving details about new shipments out of “prudence and discretion.”

He also recalled that, in addition to shipments of military and humanitarian material, Spain is receiving Ukrainian refugees and wounded soldiers and has contributed close to 300 million dollars to the European Peace Fund.

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