Riots in several European cities after Morocco’s victory over Portugal

The Morocco’s historic ranking for the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar was celebrated by some 20,000 people in the Champs Elysées sector of Pariswhere there were various incidents that resulted in 42 people arrested according to the last balance of the Police.

A strong police device with 1,220 agents was deployed in the area on the occasion of the two quarterfinal matches this Saturday, between Morocco and Portugal and France against England. The initial festivities gave rise to some disturbances, such as the burning of two motorbikes in the streets adjacent to the tourist avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Morocco became the first African country to reach the semifinals of a soccer World Cup, where it will face France, which is seeking its second consecutive final.

The Belgian police also launched this Saturday a dozen administrative arrests in Brussels following the riots that broke out after Morocco’s victory over Portugal in the quarterfinals.

Dozens of hooded youths threw objects at police officers, who responded with tear gas, he told the newspaper. le soir the police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere, who nevertheless confirmed that “there was no significant damage.” The festive atmosphere in the streets of the capital with hundreds of fans from Morocco “turned sour” shortly after 7:30 p.m. in the vicinity of the South station, detailed that medium.

After the riots registered after matches such as the one that Morocco played against Belgium, some residents promoted the initiative through social networks to create a human chain to distance fans with violent behavior from police units and prevent them from vandalizing street furniture, he said. the public chain RTBF.

According to what one of the organizers of this human chain told this outlet, they do not want the Moroccan community in Brussels to be associated with “the violence of a small minority“.

In the main cities of the Netherlands The fans also took to the streets to celebrate Morocco’s victory under a certain “tension” and strong police presence.

There were riots in several places in Amsterdam, according to the police, who at around 8:00 p.m. issued an emergency order to evacuate several streets and ended up deploying a water cannon and making several arrests, reported the public channel NOS.

In cities like Rotterdam, access to the center has been cut off due to the crowds, according to that medium, which indicates the launch of fireworks but without disturbances. In Hague instead, there was fireworks launched against the police and the evacuation of some streets was ordered.

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