Río Cuarto longs to become the Agtech capital of the country and has all the conditions to achieve it

Shit, Rio Cuarto! In the south of the province you can breathe the future, science and technology linked to agriculture.

If the engine of the country is not here, tell them where it is.

Outside the electoral campaign agenda, far from talking about the problems more typical of the people of Buenos Aires and other everyday things such as our currency, debts or pickets, in the second important Rural Expo in the interior of the country,It was debated how to continue promoting the agricultural export sector and how to virtuously articulate the public and private sectors.

The southern empire has a dream that is about to come true. It is in the embryonic stage, but everything suggests that it will be a birth without complications. Hand in hand with “Agtech”, it seeks to emerge as the innovation capital of the country.

An Argentine Silicon Valleybut focused on agricultural systems, allowing to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability, whose inclusion is allowing to increase the productive potential and reduce the environmental impact, to achieve more profitability thanks to digitalization and innovation, formed the context which allowed the realization of the Agtech 360° Conference.

In Argentina, according to Endeavor estimates, There are a little more than 160 startups linked to technology applied to agriculture. No less than 22 of them settled in Rio Cuarto. It is almost 15% of all companies. The conditions are more than propitious, so that from the desire one moves, without hesitation, towards a concrete reality. It is a revolution that is happening, although many do not finish envisioning it.

What makes Río Cuarto different

“We want them to be encouraged to come and invest in Río Cuarto and to understand how from such a competitive sector, such as agriculture, an ecosystem can be generated that helps agtech startups grow,” Germán Di Bella, the Municipality’s Secretary of Economic Development, expresses with enthusiasm.

The city is configured as one of the ideal places for this type of venture. Any destination is just a few minutes away: the supermarket, the school, the office, or what would be essential, the agricultural establishment to test the products or innovations and return to the laboratory to validate the data or finish the configurations. You only lose one morning.

In a few months, the Technological Pole, a building that demonstrates true public-private articulation. It will be a physical space for the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to coordinate and grow.

The driving will be carried out by a ICT tablemade up of the National University of Río Cuarto, the Technological Cluster and the Municipality, that is: developers, producers, municipality, investors and science, together.

Something fundamental or rather, foundational. Entrepreneurs will no longer have offices and business meetings in the area’s cafes, and will be able to meet investors or their collaborators in a building that allows them to breathe the air of management and future work.

Why not dream of a Cordoba Unicorn

The “unicorns” in technology companies are the name that was found to identify the companies, whose valuation or turnover exceeds 1,000 million dollars. In Argentina, 14 companies have already reached that milestone. Among them, two maintain a direct relationship with the agricultural sector. We could point out that they are AdTech: Moolec Science and, as of a few weeks ago, Semillas Don Mario.

Río Cuarto, for now, focuses on promoting public and private incubators that provide acceleration programs to boost the growth of new companies. There are two that are standing out above the rest: Tracestory and Deep Agro. It is already sniffing that one of them will end up making the big leap in a few years.

But apart from the success stories, The productive south of the province demonstrated that it is time to achieve the necessary fusion to facilitate solutions for the country. Be encouraged to take that step, which will lead to business scale, through public-private coordination.

“Our city offers several competitive advantages to accompany these companies in the sector. Río Cuarto has more than a hundred industries linked to production chains, to which are added more than eighty ICT companies, grouped in the Technological Cluster format, which provide added value and technology to the production of agri-food,” he explained. Mariana Romero Sydor, Entrepreneurial Development coordinator.

During the Expo Agro conference, the real commitment of a province to the sector was finally expressed. The ministers of Agriculture and Science and Technology of the province attended. In addition to presence, they commit resources and knowledge. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Agency of Córdoba funds startups. The entire Cordovan ecosystem is a model in the country and the region. These public policies, which generate international resources and qualified job sources, should not be dismantled.

In the southern province we live an Argentina that we all want, that is being real. But we hide it with the distractions generated by some characters, who wander in the few meters that surround the Obelisk.

Shit, thank goodness we can inhale restorative air in Río Cuarto.

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