Reynders warns that Europe will “follow the issue” of the amnesty very closely after receiving “many complaints”

He European Parliament held an intense debate on the “threat to the rule of law due to government agreements in Spain”, at the request of PP, Vox and Cs, who intervened during the session together with the Commissioner of Justice, Didier Reynderswhich has warned that the European Commission “will follow the issue” of the amnesty very closely, after recognizing that “they are receiving many complaints” about the Bill, both from Spanish citizens and from other sectors, in reference to the Justice.

I guarantee you that the European Commission will follow this issue very closely.also in the context of the preparation of the 2024 rule of law report,” Reynders warned after ensuring that “They are already studying the text” of the Bill and “will carry out a careful study, independently and objectively” to ensure that it “complies with the legislation, the values ​​and the Treaty.”

After listening to all the MEPs, Reynders specified that the review of the law will be carried out when it is complete, “including the amendments”, with the aim of not intervening during the parliamentary procedure that is taking place, but making it clear that The European Commission must “be guarantor of the EU Treaties” and “it is the rule of law that unites us.”

During his speech, the Commissioner for Justice also referred to the exchange of letters with the Minister of the Presidency, now also of Justice, Felix Bolañoson the Amnesty Law, and has also made reference to the parliamentary committees against the judges, which have already been approved by Congress in Spain.

Although Reynders has assured that the question of Catalonia “is an internal question” of Spain that must be resolved “in accordance with its Constitution”, he has not limited the issue of amnesty to a debate exclusively in the Spanish Parliament, as Bolaños assured in his response to the European commissioner when he asked him for explanations. Both will meet next week to address this issue.

PP, Vox and Cs, against the PSOE

On behalf of the Spanish Government, he has intervened Angeles Morenoacting Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, who has rejected holding the debate, ensuring that the Amnesty Law has not yet been approved and that it is a constitutional norm, even putting the Constitutional Court as guarantor.

The MEP Fernando Lopez Aguilarpresident of the Liberties Commission who recently had to demand from the president of the Cortes, Francina Armengol, the text of the Amnesty Law for study by the European Parliament, has defended that we are “before a singular law to resolve a exceptional situation” and has accused PP and Vox of “denying the legitimacy of the alternative.”

Several MEPs have intervened on behalf of the Popular Group, including Dolors Montserratwhich has been sung by “listen Europe” to denounce the attack on the rule of law that the Amnesty Law represents. “It is Europe’s condemnation,” he warned. The president of the group in Europe has also spoken, Manfred Weberto echo the complaint of the CGJP, lawyers or prosecutors, like the Portuguese Paulo Rangelwho has denounced the situation, as he did in the demonstration last weekend.

From Vox, Jorge Buxade, has warned that “no one would understand that the European Commission applied a double standard in Spain, with respect to Poland or Hungary”, ensuring that “the Spanish case is much more serious.” From Cs, Adrian Vazquezhas especially appealed to socialist MEPs to raise their voices publicly, as they did with other countries where conservative parties govern.

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