Reyes Maroto campaigns for Madrid from the Council of Ministers and the streets

The route that goes from the Plaza Mayor in Madrid to Puerta del Sol It was last Wednesday morning, like almost any day around these pre-Christmas dates, crowded with people. Added to the usual picturesque atmosphere of the area were several television cameras, with their corresponding microphones, and many other cameras. “There is a famous person”, was one of the most common phrases of the curious who tried to guess who was there. “It is a minister“He was once heard to say.

Indeed, she was a minister. Industry, Commerce and Tourism. But for a few weeks she has also been the PSOE candidate for the Madrid City Council. She will continue to balance both responsibilities for a while. Until March or April, in principle. Because with Pedro Sanchez you never know, repeat those who know him. maroto kingsaccompanied by the regional secretary general of the Madrid socialists, Juan Lobatohe chose a walk through the center of the capital and meetings with merchants for his first joint act as a tandem of the PSOE.

The goal is not easy. Turn around the governments of José Luis Martínez Almeida and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, respectively. In the capital, from the PSOE they trust the surprise to add within a progressive block with Más Madrid, currently the most voted force. Some surveys place the difference between blocks very short. For the community, the polls are less rosy and in Ferraz they do speak of a medium-term project to consolidate a stronger opposition.

After weeks of rumors and expectations about the candidacy in the Madrid capital, Maroto was chosen. No star signings outside the game. The minister has a socialist pedigree although she has been oblivious to the day-to-day life of the Madrid federation in recent times. But one of her goals is to sell her management skills. An aspect that anyone within the party who knows her highlights. At the same time, Maroto’s degree of knowledge is not too high. According to the CIS, less than half the population knows about it.

Perhaps precisely for this reason the minister wanted to step on the street in her first appearance strictly as a candidate, since the walk it was summoned by the PSOE and was off the government’s agenda. The minister and candidate’s team were happy with the number of spontaneous people who had come to greet her. In a section with thousands of very diverse people and from different origins, there was everything, as this medium was able to verify.

Over the next few months, Maroto will try to reconcile her ministerial agenda with street work as a candidate. Coincidence or not, this week the matter became visible. Last Monday, Maroto went out at the usual press conference that is held after the Council of Ministers in Moncloa. The government approved the draft of the Industry Law and she had to present it.

In the journalists questions, there was no lack of reference to his Madrid candidacy. The minister said that she was appearing in that capacity and that she was not going to talk about her other political role. Although she would later end up conceding “Madrid needs a change”.

Few details are therefore still known about the campaign and pre-campaign that Maroto will have to carry out. Yes, it will be made by the regional team of the PSOE, to reinforce the coordination and the tandem between Lobato and her. It is also not known who will accompany both on the lists. With the exception of two people who will have an important role in the candidacy.

On the one hand, next to Maroto will be the councilor Emma Lopez. The mayor, who supported the alternative candidacy to Lobato last year in the primaries, has gained a lot in popularity thanks to her work in the City Council and her dissemination on social networks. In addition, its television presence has increased exponentially in recent months. Next to Lobato will be the Secretary of Justice of the federal direction of the PSOE, Castilian plains. It is not clear what role the current socialist municipal spokesperson may have, Sea Thorn.

Maroto chose two messages in his statements to the media after this first act in the streets of Madrid. In both, his profile could be glimpsed. On the one hand, he criticized the situation in which he finds himself the door of the sun, still under construction during these dates. “A city that is facing difficulties, due to the lack of management in a Puerta del Sol that is not in the condition it should be. It highlights the lack of management and foresight so that these works would have finished on time.” Twice in a few seconds the word “management”.

On the other hand, she used her experience as a minister in two ways: tourism and trade. He had met with the merchants and restaurateurs minutes before. As he explained, his needs are based on requesting greater dialogue with the Almeida City Council. “Have a space to build the development of a plan associated with trade,” she said. And here he valued his own work. “It is something that I am already doing as minister of the branch and it will be one of the initiatives that I will start when I am mayor,” she added.

“Wealth, development and tourist reference“, were other of the messages chosen by Maroto this week. And another nod to the sector: some “legendary” shops in the center of Madrid (for example, the hat shops in the Plaza Mayor) will have “special protection” if she is mayor. ” I’m going to turn myself in”, he concluded. “We have to continue and work”, they stand out in a Madrid federation that seeks illusion before the electoral appointment.

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