Review and timeline ‘Gen V’: the ‘The Boys’ series that ruins any Wattpad novel

‘Gen V’, the new spin off of ‘The Boys’, was released on September 29 and tells the adventures of several young superheroes at Godolkin University. And its creators themselves affirm that its timeline is between season 3 and 4 of the series.

“If the timeline isn’t clear, ‘Gen V’ takes place between seasons 3 and 4 of ‘The Boys.’ So all the boys at Godolkin University saw Patriota tear off a boy’s head with his laser eyes to the sound of thunderous applause,” explains The Boys’ Twitter account.

Also in the series (which releases a new episode every Friday) you can see hints of Maeve’s “death”, Victoria Neumann’s vice presidential campaign and Homelander’s possible trial for killing a civilian when he threw a milkshake at her. son Ryan.

Now, what is this series full of super young people who are in the universe of The Boys about?

Review of ‘Gen V’, spin-off of ‘The Boys’: not another teenage series that will make you roll your eyes to the back of your head

The series, which is part of the universe of the best superhero show today, is far from being a tribute to the easy clichés of the Young Adult genre and wonderfully complements the universe created by Garth Ennis.

Many fans of ‘The Boys’ thought of Homelander flying over the sky when the synthesis of ‘Gen V’ promised to have young ‘Supers’ at a university. What was this? A ‘Euphoria’ with more blood, guts in the air and twisted people at best, or as in many young adult products, a cheesy compendium full of clichés, the ill-fated child of a Korean drama and RBD, in which worse?

For our fortune and that of a genre so mistreated by bad writing and forced inclusion in the most tokenist term of the word, the new series set in the universe of these corrupt superheroes has characters with nuances, with unpredictable stories and behaviors, and that they are linked, clearly, in their destinies and actions to the evil actions of Vought, the corrupt corporation that has created an elite university for those who wish (naively) to be in The Seven, the most important group of supers in the world.

And of course, it continues to display that acid, biting and voracious criticism that ‘The Boys’ does to the superhero genre in today’s culture through likes, brand building, etc. This, clearly, with the purpose of reinforcing one of its great and paradoxical pillars: here it does not matter if you are as good and as powerful as Goku, but that you can sell. And sell yourself to whatever it takes to succeed, at the expense of your own ideals and life purpose.

That is the existential dilemma of Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), who like many supers injected with Compound V killed her parents at the age of 12 and, in order not to end up locked up for the rest of her days, is awarded a scholarship at Godolkin University, in where Profundo, Queen Maeve and A-Train (who appears in the series, as well as Ashley, the tormented Vought publicist) have graduated. In that institution there is a classification that makes the aspiring superhero get better opportunities and therefore, the fight for it is to the death, and that’s where all the dramas happen.

At first glance, one could say, we have a youthful cliché story: because Marie gets a friend who is the “rejected” one and the object of bullying at the university, she is humble and her situation contrasts with that of the “popular” kids like Golden Boy. (Patrick Schwarzenegger), who has everything to compete with Homelander himself and she has a beautiful and popular girlfriend, with a group of friends who support him in everything.

Everything would give rise to being sweetened to the point of stench in the midst of drug parties, teenage pregnancies, love traumas and “boys who know reality through the person they love” like a certain Spanish series with eighty seasons and thirty-something actors in schoolboy bodies (add Taylor Swift songs), except for the suicide – bloody and horrible as it should be in the universe of ‘The Boys.’ – of the most popular boy, changes everything.

Among other surreal, hilariously horrifying and absurd episodes, as correspond to the universe developed by Eric Kripke.

And just like that, all the tropes fall apart. No, guys, this isn’t pre-Manhattan ‘Friends’ combined with the adventures of Scooby Doo and his gang. Everyone affected, for better or worse, by what has happened, They want to connect the dots and they also suffer and greatly enjoy the media and corporate narrative that Vought creates around it, and which is, in itself, a spit in the face of those narratives that are so common in the United States about heroes, politics and a amorphous public opinion that can be shaped by what they are told.

Thus, this group of young people will have to see how things really are. Things that we have already seen through three seasons of its mother series, but developed around an institution that hides reprehensible and sinister facts. And, as it occurs between season 3 and the next season of ‘The Boys’, fans will also be able to find out what happened after Maeve “sacrificed herself” to defeat Soldier Boy and, in the process, save the butts of both Homelander and his son Ryan, as well as ‘The Boys’ led by Billy Butcher.

All very aligned with the current situation in the United States: trials, Russia as guilty of everything. Falls from grace, among other gems.

‘Gen V’ is a delight of the genre. And something that detractors of the Young Adult genre will be able to enjoy with doses of political and cultural satire, action, well-written characters and a lot of blood. And entrails. Like to hear it with ‘Bad Blood’, by Taylor Swift. And too much.

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