Residents of Pristina protested against the announcement of higher electricity prices


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Organized by a group of citizens, a protest “Not a cent more” was held today in the center of Pristina due to the announced increase in electricity prices, which sent a request for the nationalization of KEDS, Kosovo Electricity Distribution Network, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

The protest started on Zahir Pajaziti Square, so they marched to the building of the Government of Kosovo, in front of which the main demands were made. Hundreds of gathered citizens carried banners that read “Electricity is not a luxury”, “Heating is not comfort”, “We do not pay for the north”, “Government of the people or private individuals” and others.

One of the organizers of the protest, Anita Mjeku, addressed the gathered, saying that their reaction was a consequence of the aspiration of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) to increase the price of electricity.

“The latest proposal of ERO to introduce a block of tariffs and increase the price of energy will further impoverish us, each of us. During the winter season, the average family’s electricity consumption in Kosovo exceeds 600 kilowatt hours per month. That means that if we paid the bill of 58 euros, with the new tariff, we will pay about 108 euros, “she said.

She pointed out that the citizens first faced enormous reductions in electricity, and now they are threatened to pay more if they do not want reductions. Mieku said that the proposal to free businesses from block tariffs would put everything on the citizens. She also pointed out that the citizens are already paying for the electricity that is consumed in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo where the majority Serb population lives.

She asked Prime Minister Albin Kurti to choose between citizens and the privatized Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company of Kosovo (KEDS).

The public debate organized by the Energy Regulatory Office ends on January 28, and according to the announcements, electricity should be charged at the new prices from February 1.

At an extraordinary session of the Kosovo Assembly on Monday, opposition lawmakers opposed raising electricity prices to prevent further deterioration in the lives of Kosovo citizens. They criticized the government for its inability to manage the energy crisis and demanded its responsibility.

The Kosovo government has set aside 75m euros in subsidies to mitigate the impact of the energy crisis on electricity prices. The proposal of the Energy Regulatory Body is to double the price of electricity for consumers who spend over 600 kilowatt hours per month, but with government subsidies.

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