Rekha Boj: Periods during shooting time.. This is the fight with that director: Vizag heroine Rekha Bhoj

Rekha Bhojna.. one might think that this is a North Indian product but.. she is our Telugu hero. Born in Turpu Godavari raised in Vizag. As our Telugu people are not given any opportunities.. this Vizag girl will get offers even if she changes the sound in her name.. Rekha became Bhoj after adding Bhoj to her name However, she did not get many opportunities. After acting in films like Damini Villa and Katsayani but not getting much recognition, she has her own studio in Vizag and is going viral on social media by doing cover songs.

This Vizag beauty, who is clamoring to give opportunities to Telugu heroines.. At that time, the post about the affair of our Guruji Tivikram Srinivas and Samyukta Menon went viral. Recently, in her first interview, she revealed many interesting behind-the-scenes information regarding the industry. She said that she would have to work hard to get offers because she did not agree to such a proposal.

But recently she was seen in a bold role in the cult director Bandi Saroj Kumar’s ‘Mangalyam’. She did justice to her role as Sridevi in ​​that movie. However, she revealed the difficulties she faced during the shooting of this film as well as the fight with the director Bandi Saroj. In this interview she said.. ‘Bandi Saroj Kumar.. I don’t know who he is.. There is no face contact. They said it was shooting on the internet. He told the story on the phone. I left in the morning and in the evening I went to Antarvedi for the shooting location.

A room was also given.. The room where I stayed was four to five kilometers from the shooting location. All the shooting went well. There was no big fight between us during the shooting time. The shooting is over.. The film was also released.. I played the character of Sridevi. Many people don’t even know my name as Rekha Bhoj. After the release of the movie, some scenes went viral on YouTube and Instagram. I have downloaded a scene in which I have acted and put it on my YouTube channel.

After four or five days, the video was removed.. If I checked the mail, I got a strike. That strike came from Bandi Saroj Kumar’s YouTube channel. So I called.. He did not pick up. He was busy at work and called after that. I said, ‘What sir.. Why did you strike.. If you don’t like it, if you say one word to me, I will remove it, sir.’ To that he.. When I asked how you can put it without asking me.. Mata Mata increased. How do you put it? I said, I put it because I was in the movie. In that heated moment, Mata Mata got angry and hung up the phone.

It’s been four or five months since this happened… I don’t remember much of what the hell happened. But what happened during the shoot time.. when I went to the shooting location I got my periods. But there is no washroom in the house where we are shooting. Let’s go to the pony room which is very far from the shooting location. I had to go to the washroom every two hours during my periods. There is also a lot of mosquitoes. Beyond that I have no problem with Bandi Saroj.

He is a very good person.. He treated me very well. The team is also very well taken care of. If he does any film again.. I will definitely do it if he gives me a good lead role. Small mistakes happen but.. I am always ready to act in his films. It would have been better if I had told him about my trouble. But I didn’t say.. I will pack something’ said Rekha Bhoj.

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