Rejection in Latin America for the coup confessions of John Bolton, Trump’s former National Security Advisor

US congressmen, regional officials, former Bolivian president Evo Morales and even a former CIA agent reacted to the crude statements of the former White House Security Advisor, John Boltonwho this Tuesday he confessed to having “helped” to plan coups in different countries.

The former official of the Government of Donald Trump did not blush at acknowledge US meddling in the internal affairs of other nations adding that “it takes a lot of work” to overthrow a government and seize power in a country. Bolton did not specify which governments he had helped overthrow, but between 2018 and 2019 he advocated a US military intervention in Venezuela.

“Planning coups requires a lot of work”

Jake Tapperone of the star journalists of the CNN, interviewed John Bolton to consult him primarily about the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters. Tapper commented during the conversation that “you don’t have to be brilliant to attempt a hit,” to which Bolton replied, “I don’t agree. As someone who has helped plan coupsnot here, but in other countries, I can tell that it requires a lot of work.

Bolton acknowledged the existence of a coup attempt in Venezuela against President Nicolás Maduro in 2019, although he assured that the United States “didn’t have much to do with it.” “I wrote about Venezuela in my book, but (the coup attempt) was not successful. I did what was necessary for the opposition to try to bring down an illegitimately elected government,” he explained, referring to his book The room where that happenedin which he reviews Trump’s management very critically.

Trump fired Bolton over their differences over US policy toward Venezuela

Bolton, a Republican hawk favorable to US interventionism in other countries, served as National Security Advisor between 2018 and 2019, when Trump dismissed him precisely because of their differences about the policy towards Venezuela. “I feel that there are other things that he is not telling me (beyond Venezuela),” insisted the presenter of the CNNto which the also American ambassador to the UN between 2005 and 2006 responded cryptically: “I’m sure there are.”

Given the confessions of the former US diplomat, the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, wrote on his Twitter account: “Bolton proclaims himself to the world as an expert on coups outside the United States to defend Trump in his failed coup inside the US.” Citing Bolton’s statements, Moncada said: “The hits take a lot of work, says the criminal. Because of that, he also failed with his local agents in Venezuela.”

As a White House official, Bolton promoted the adoption of sanctions against the Maduro government, after his reelection in office in 2018. As a consequence, the White House decided to recognize the then president of the Venezuelan Parliament, the opposition Juan Guaidówhen he, invoking articles of the Venezuelan Constitution, proclaimed himself in January 2019 as interim president of the country.

“The worst enemy of democracy”

In another of his usual criticisms of the US, Evo Morales described that country as the “worst enemy of democracy and life.” On his Twitter account, the former Bolivian president highlighted: “With the cynicism that characterizes the American extreme right, John Bolton admits having helped plan coups in sovereign countries.” Morales defends the hypothesis that The United States also promoted the November 2019 coup in Boliviawhen he was forced to resign from the presidency due to strong pressure from the extreme right and the armed forces.

“The US should dedicate itself to confronting the political, ideological and moral decomposition of its own society,” condemns Fernández de Cossío

Beyond his obsession with Venezuela and suspicions about Bolivia, Bolton was also one of the main architects of the tightening of the blockade against Cuba. on that line Carlos Fernandez de Cossiodeputy foreign minister of the island, repudiated his words on Wednesday and sent a message to the government of Joe Biden: “Instead of trying to revive destabilizing operations, the US government should dedicate its energies to confront the political, ideological and moral decomposition of their own society”.

Bolton’s controversial statements also generated noise in the United States. Former CIA agent John Siphersaid the former National Security adviser “it’s full of shit” Y “has never planned a hit”, thus “sending a false signal to the American people that top officials are sitting in the White House and choreographing coups.” Quick of reflexes, Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar replied: “Calm down, this is not going to erase your record.”

Bolton He has held numerous positions in the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W. Bush and Trump himself, in addition to being permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations between 2005 and 2006. A staunch anti-communist and markedly warmonger, was one of the architects of the 2003 war in Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein with the false argument that his government possessed weapons of mass destruction.


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