Rector Cuéllar: “The Manager is operating illegally”

The rector of the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University (UAGRM), Vicente Cuéllar, pointed out this Monday that the Long-Term Social Security Public Manager operates illegally by not having a board of directors. This, despite having been created by Pension Law 065, more than 10 years ago.

“At this moment, the Manager is operating illegally, because Law 065 precisely establishes that, being a strategic public company, it must be managed by a board of directors, there must be a Maximum Executive Authority (MAE), which is the president and his four directors. However, at this time, the Manager is operating without a board of directors, only with the presence of a general manager, it is practically under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and that is an outrage, it is outrageous,” said Cuéllar in contact with the media. Communication.

The rector of the UAGRM added that a notarized letter will be delivered to the Manager to obtain information about its operation and about the destination of the nearly 24,000 million dollars of retirement funds.

“The underlying issue that interests us is to deliver a notarized letter to the Manager, we want to know information that we have requested and they have not delivered to us in all this time. We want to know what will happen to the 24,000 million dollars that the Manager is going to manage. I have the right of ownership over my contributions from all these years, as well as the rest of the workers”, he pointed out.

On May 15, the Manager began its operations fully, taking control of the Comprehensive Pension System from the private Pension Fund Administrators (AFP), after 13 years of being created by Law 065 and eight years after the approval of its statutes.

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