Realme GT Neo 5 will have a 240W fast charging system

MADRID, 5 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

really has announced the launch of its Smartphone GT Neo 5 in February in the Chinese market, which will have the 240W fast charging system and a set of complementary solutions to guarantee safety.

The technology company has introduced innovative fast charging solutions in recent years that have allowed it to “be at the forefront” of this technology. This is the case of the 64W fast charge that it implemented in its mid-range offer in 2021, and the 150W fast charge that appeared at the beginning of 2022 in the GT Neo 3.

Now, he has really announced to me mass production of 240W fast charge, the fastest charging speed under the Type-C charging standard, as shared in a statement. It will arrive integrated into the GT Neo 5 ‘smartphone’, in which it offers up to 1,600 battery charge cycles.

To ensure that this charging system does not damage the ‘smartphone’, Realme has explained that this technology will offer a safe and low-voltage charging solution with a power conversion efficiency of 98.7 percent.

Employ a custom 12A charging cable with four 21AWG wires, and the 240W GaN dual charging solution, for which the GT Neo 5 will have components of minimum size GaN dual payloadwith a power density of 2.34 W/DC.

GT Neo 5 also features a PS3 level fireproof design and 13 temperature sensors to control the heat in real time. The phone will also come with a graphene heat reduction system of up to 6,580mm2 in total.

The company has subjected the phone to temperatures of 85 degrees Celsius and up to 85 percent high humidity for 21 days of continuous charging and discharging to test the effectiveness of the implemented solutions, without detecting any security issues.

The new 240W fast charge will be present in the realme GT Neo 5, which will be launched in China in February 2023.

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