Real Madrid imposes its law against Fenerbahce

Real Madrid imposes its law against Fenerbahce

Those of Chus Mateo win at the leader’s house and extend their good moment at the expense of the Turk

MADRID, Dec. 2 (.) –

Real Madrid beat Fenerbahce (71-85) this Friday on matchday 11 of the Euroleague held at the Ulker Sports and Event Hall, a blow to the table for the leader of the white team and the sixth consecutive continental victory, dominating from start to finish .

Chus Mateo’s men went one step further in their great moment with a resounding victory against the best team in Europe. The Turks conceded their third loss all season despite a feigned reaction in the second half. Madrid, with many weapons connected, goes 8-3, one win away from the Turks (9-2).

Walter Tavares (17 points and a PIR of 26), Dzanan Musa (18 and 22), Gabi Deck, Sergio Llull and Mario Hezonja led Madrid’s great performance from the first quarter. An 11-25 showed the intentions of the 10-time European champion, made up by the locals in the last bars of that set.

The difference in valuation (9 to 34) made it clear that the Madrid team looked much better in all facets. Deck excelled at the start, while Motley helped Fenerbahce warm up. The leader tried to plug in especially in defense and in the second set he managed to make Madrid uncomfortable with less success.

Causeur unblocked the visitor’s attack, while Mateo had to bet on a ‘small’ quintet due to fouls. The three-pointers were put up by Llull and Hezonja to keep Madrid ahead, the whites also finding Tavares on the inside (34-46). The restart brought another almost definitive blow to Madrid, this time led by Sergio Rodríguez.

Those of Mateo put the direct with a 41-64, but Booker returned the emotion and the noise to Ulker Sports. The power of Hazer and Edwards was the bet of Dimitrios Itoudis, instead of the brain of Calathes, and in the correcalles Madrid was close to losing control. Still in tow, the Fenerbahce died on the shore.

Hezonja’s three-pointers were once again key, especially the one that ended the Turkish spirit five minutes from time (62-76). Madrid didn’t get nervous, they moved the ball well throughout the game with the assists from Musa and Sergio Rodríguez above the rest, and they continue to grow with Mateo this season.


–RESULT: FENERBAHCE, 71 – REAL MADRID, 85. (34-46, at halftime).


FENERBAHCE: Calathes (2), Akpinar (-), Hayes-Davis (5), Booker (15) and Birsen (4) –starting five– Edwards (6), Jekiri (-), Mahmutoglu (10), Motley (20), Hazer (7), Biberovic (2).

REAL MADRID: Williams-Goss (5), Deck (12), Musa (18), Cornelie (3) and Tavares (17) –starting five– Sergio Rodríguez (2), Abalde (-), Llull (8) , Hezonja (9), Poirier (4), Causeur (7).

— PARTIALS: 16-25, 18-21, 20-22, 17-17.

–REFEREES: Pukl, Belosevic and Kardum. No deleted.

–HALL: Ulker Sports and Event Hall.

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