Real Madrid end their streak against Monaco de James

Real Madrid end their streak against Monaco de James

A 3+1 of the rival star against Tavares forces the extension that ends with the whites

MADRID, Dec. 9 (.) –

Real Madrid suffered a painful defeat (94-95) this Thursday against AS Monaco on matchday 12 of the Euroleague, which ended their good run of results thanks to a stellar action by Mike James with the unfortunate complicity of Walter Tavares, which led to a visiting overtime at the WiZink Center.

Chus Mateo’s men, who had won six consecutive victories in Europe, gave away a match they had won 88-84 with 6.8 seconds remaining. The away ball was clearly for James, but Tavares made the serious mistake of fouling him on the three-pointer.

The outcome had been delayed for several minutes due to the scare of Loyd, the other pillar of Monaco with 19 points who was treated on the ground for a blow with Mario Hezonja. When play resumed, James scored the shot over the Cape Vere and then the free kick. In extra time, Madrid continued the dangerous inertia that led them to lose their streak and fail in the upper zone against a direct rival who beat them 9-3, one win more than the whites.

Mateo’s men ended as they started, with little success and a certain lack of fluidity in attack. James (28 points) was more faithful to what he did throughout the game, also leading the start at the Palacio. With the second foul by Williams-Goss, Mateo lost direction, but was distributing minutes successfully.

The 10-time European champion raised the defensive level, but in the second quarter James reappeared. Llull’s success, Yabusele’s comeback after injury and a very dominating Tavares gave the Whites a feeling of superiority, not so much on the scoreboard (48-45). At the restart, Loyd finished plugging in and a sparking Madrid did not regain control at the Palace.

Losses weighed down the locals at the end of the third quarter, but Musa’s success calmed the waters in the most delicate moments. Mateo’s men had the game under control with good income, but Monaco showed their resources, with Diallo and Okobo. James put the icing on the cake and Madrid dissolved in extra time.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 94 – AS MONACO, 95. (48-45, at halftime).


REAL MADRID: Williams-Goss (-), Abalde (11), Musa (24), Cornelie (3) and Tavares (17) — starting five– Causeur (4), Sergio Rodríguez (3), Llull (12) , Yabusele (12), Hezonja (-), Poirier (8), Ndiaye (-).

AS MONACO: James (28), Loyd (19), Blossomgame (7), Moerman (-) and Hall (6) –starting five– Diallo (12), Ouattara (2), Strazel (-), Motiejunas ( 8), Okobo (9), Brown (4).

— PARTIALS: 23-17, 25-28, 14-20, 26-23, 6-7.

–REFEREES: Javor, Hordov and Cici. Eliminated due to fouls by Hezonja, Tavares and Brown.

–PAVILION: WiZink Center.

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