Real Madrid and Barça lead the distribution of television rights for the 21-22 season

MADRID, Dec. 29 (.) –

LaLiga published this Thursday the criteria for the distribution of audiovisual income, the amounts that correspond to each participating entity and the amounts contributed in compliance with the information obligations provided for in Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, being Real Madrid and FC Barcelona the clubs with the highest income.

The Madrid team tops the list of income from TV rights with 160.8 million euros, little more than the 160.1 received by the Catalan entity, from the 2021/22 season. Both teams occupy the top of the list of LaLiga Santander clubs in a prominent way, with Atlético de Madrid in third place with 130.3 million.

The ‘Top 5’ of the First Division is completed by Sevilla FC, which is close to 90 million in income (87.5) from the commercialization of television rights, and Valencia CF, close to 70 million (69.8). In total, LaLiga distributes 1,426.9 million euros for TV rights among the teams in the highest category, while in LaLiga SmartBank the total is 198.9 million.

According to Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, 90 percent of the income will be allocated to First Division clubs and entities and the remaining 10 percent, to those of ‘Second’. In addition, LaLiga distributes the amounts according to a percentage among the participants of each category in equal parts. The amount to be distributed will be 50 percent in LaLiga Santander and at least 70 percent in LaLiga Smartbank. The remaining amount of that part will depend on sports results, also through a percentage.

“The percentages distributed to the participants in the First and Second Division based on the social implantation have been determined according to the following criteria: one third for the collection in subscriptions and average box office of the last five seasons, and the other two thirds for their participation in the generation of resources for the commercialization of television broadcasts, through the comparison of the average audiences obtained by each of them in each season,” added the employer’s statement.

Regarding the Second Division, taking into account the compensation provided in the RD for the teams that were relegated -2.5 percent of the Compensation Fund- in the 2020-2021 season, Eibar was the team that entered the most (28, 5), followed by Real Valladolid (23.6) and Huesca (16.5).

“Three LaLiga clubs are among the European teams with the highest amount of income from the distribution of audiovisual rights. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are at the level of the six Premier League clubs that earn the most. If we add Atlético de Madrid, the three are in an income figure for the distribution of audiovisual rights above any club in the German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1,” the employers’ association said in its statement.

Thus, Manchester City (176 million), Liverpool (174), Tottenham (167.9), Arsenal (167.6), Chelsea (167.4) and Manchester United (164.2) lead the list of teams that earn the most per this commercialization, already with Real Madrid and Barça just behind.

In addition, in LaLiga, income from the sale of audiovisual rights has grown by 15 percent since the 2016-2017 season (from 1,390 to 1,601) compared to the Premier League, which has grown by 5 percent in the same period ( from 2,398 to 2,536), according to employer data.

“A good figure considering that in the United Kingdom the number of subscribers to pay television is twice that of Spain (15 million subscribers compared to 6.4 million), the number of subscribers to OTT platforms is also more than double in the United Kingdom than in Spain (36 million compared to 14 million), in addition to having a greater number of inhabitants, households and a higher level of per capita income than in Spain,” LaLiga said.

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