Raúl Albiol: “It’s a sad night, but unforgettable for all of Villarreal”


The Villarreal player Raúl Albiol was hurt after being eliminated in the semifinals of the ‘Champions League’ against Liverpool (2-5 on aggregate) and assured that it is a “sad night” but also “unforgettable” for the entire club .

“It hurts us a lot for the people, for what the team has done and in the end it couldn’t be and I think the effort has been incredible, we have tried until the end, the 2-1 has hurt us a lot and yes It is true that in the second part they have been superior”, recognized the international center-back in statements to Movistar.

“We fought for the fans and it hurts us, we paid for the effort of the first part, we made a great wear and tear, and in the second it cost us, they are fast and strong. It was a hard blow and now we cannot ask anything from our fans. It’s a sad but unforgettable night for the whole club”, added Albiol.

Asked about the change of match in the second half, the Villarreal defender admitted that physically they were “overcome”. “We had to play a long game and there were still 45 minutes left and a possible extra time. We did the hard part but we had to continue,” he said.

“From then on, they have pushed harder and the change they have made (Luis Díaz) has made them better. The 2-1 came almost on their first occasion in the second half and then we did not know how to react. The team was tired and it has cost us to leave our field. We have not been able to maintain the rhythm in the second half and that has killed us”, he pointed out.

“The path we’ve made in the Champions League has been incredible, today it couldn’t be but we’re seeing something that’s difficult to see. We just have to continue because the future of the club -with that enthusiasm and work- will surely have more nights like this one. Thanks to the fans for supporting us on this path.”

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