Rajamouli’s husband to Acharya! .. Sentiment continues


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Director Rajamouli makes his heroes stand tall in the sky. How much stardom does he earn for his hero? There is nothing left after that. However, it is very rare for such Rajamouli heroes to come up with another success that beats the success they have seen. So far Rajamouli heroes have not been able to cross this gorge. I do not know whether it is the glory of Rajamouli or the curse of the heroes.

All the heroes who made the film with Rajamouli should be greeted with a disaster immediately. That has been coming as a sentiment for the past few years. Chiranjeevi said he was confident that it would be broken. But in the end, that sentiment was aroused by Acharya. Ram Charan, who impressed in the Pan Indian range with his RRR movie, immediately got a disaster in the form of Acharya.

Acharya was minus Ram Charan who played the role of Sidda. But Rama Charan was ready for Acharya and became a plus. But Rajamouli could not break the sentiment. With this, once again Acharya Cinema is reminding Rajamouli of his greatness. Acharya has once again proved that no other director can portray heroes like Rajamouli.

There seem to be innumerable reasons now for Acharya Failure as a whole. Is it immortal? Shiva of fights? Ram Charana? Rajamouliya? Leaving that aside .. it looks like mega fans are also lip-synching after watching this movie.


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