Rajamouli: Rajamouli’s logic doesn’t make sense to these little brats.. Awards I don’t believe: RGV

Celebrities and film celebrities are expressing their reaction after the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the movie RRR won an Oscar. Ram Gopal Varma also shared his opinion on Oscar in the latest interview. RGV gave an interesting answer to the anchor’s question about how he felt about the award for the Natu Natu song. He said that there will be no big difference whether the movie RRR gets the Oscars or not, because everyone has already seen the tremendous effect of the movie. If RRR does not get the award, he said that the Oscars are the unlucky ones.

Did you enjoy the movie RRR? Is there any logical approach regarding this? He said he did not know the question. ‘Because everyone has a different perception. Can’t tell who likes what. Also, there are 50 other songs that I personally like in Keeravani’s songs,’ he said. To this extent, the songs of the movie ‘Kshanam Kshanam’ are given as an example.
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Also, RGV responded to the comments that a large scale marketing campaign was done to get the Oscar award. For Oscar Rs. Responding to the comments that 80 crores have been spent. He said that he did not think that they had spent so much for RRR. Moreover, giving more clarity on this matter.. From Tollywood Rs. If we spend 80 crores, can’t Hollywood people who make films with twice the budget of us spend it? He asked. If we want to get Oscar here with money, it is said that there are many people who are better than us in terms of money and knowledge.

‘When you become a brand, you have to spend for it. Now that Rajamouli is spending 80 crores for campaigning… the marketing and hype of his next movies will also be in the same range. Keeping them all in mind has a cost. Telugu movie maximum Rs. When he was at the stage of collecting 70 crores, he paid Rs. Baahubali was made with a budget of 150 crores. The movie cost Rs. It collected more than 1000 crores. That is like justifying the budget here. If he has spent so many crores on campaigning, now he has brought more name to the Telugu industry. These little guys don’t understand that logic.’ He revealed that the benchmark set by Rajamouli will be useful for young directors in the future.

Don’t you ever try for awards anymore? Isn’t that what marketing is all about? That means ‘No’ said Verma. Actually he does not believe in awards.. because some people who have nothing to do with the film sit and decide the winner. Someone like this said that he does not care about some outsiders passing judgment on the film. That is why he did not go to the awards ceremony throughout his career. He recalled that he only went once for the first movie ‘Shiva’, but he would not go even if called.

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