Radhe Shyam in OTT .. Director Clarity


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  • Radhe Shyam postpones with Corona
  • Rumors spread in OTT
  • Director Radhakrishna into the field

It seems that there is a rumor on Prabhas Radhe Shyam movie that it has started spreading. The news that Radhe Shyam movie is coming into OTT has gone viral. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However the makers should deny these rumors into the field. But here the scene is reversed. Director Radhakrishna put a pull stop to these rumors earlier than the producers.

Radhakrishna is usually full active on social media. Gives answers to netizens on Twitter. He reacts coolly even when trolling comes upon him. However, he denied the rumors about the latest movie release with a single tweet. Radhakrishna wished everyone on the occasion of Republic Day .. He put a pull stop to the rumors at the end.

Radhe Shyam says the movie is coming to theaters soon. So the whole thing came to a pull stop for the rumors. It turned out that the movie was not coming into the OTT though. But another netizen asked another question. Anna asked when he would come into the theater anytime. Clarity gave the impression that it would come only when conditions were right.

All in all, this movie is not going to get me right now. If the effect of the third wave subsides, Radhe will come to the Shyam Theater. Radhe Shyam is likely to enter the ring only if the corona drops in April and March.


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