Putin accuses the West of “shamefully exploiting” Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin. – -/Kremlin /dpa

Latest on the war in Ukraine

MADRID, Dec. 9 (.) –

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West this Friday of having been “shamefully exploiting” Ukraine for years until turning it into “his colony” and now using its population as a “battering ram” in the fight against Russia.

“For a period of years, the West has been exploiting its resources, promoting genocide and terror in Donbas, and turning the country into a colony while using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder, as a battering ram against Russia,” he said. .

Thus, he has pointed out that the United States and its “satellites” in terms of international relations have relied on the “force factor” and have destroyed the “architecture of strategic stability” that has been being created for decades. In addition, “they continue to aggressively expand across NATO geography in an attempt to expand,” she pointed out.

“In an attempt to contain and block any alternative in terms of development models, they resort to the illegal economy and trade sanctions and the use of technologies such as color revolutions to change governments and foment wars,” it has stressed.

In this sense, Putin has stated that “through outrageous provocations they increase the degree of tension and confrontation in different regions of the world.” That is why, he has qualified, that “today you can see the consequences in Ukraine.”

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