Puncture the Desokupa demonstration, with about 700 demonstrators through the center of Barcelona

Deflated Desokupa demonstration in the center of Barcelona. Despite predicting that they would bring together thousands of people, the reality is that the extrajudicial eviction company has brought together some 700. The counter-demonstration, called a few meters away, has brought together about 150 people, according to the City Council.

The contrary demonstration has brought together about 150 people

And it is that the mobilizations for and against the occupation continue as a result of the controversy surrounding the two occupied buildings of La Bonanova, La Ruina and El Cubo. This Thursday the two simultaneous demonstrations have taken place in the center of Barcelona, ​​where a more discreet police deployment than two weeks ago has prevented them from meeting.

It is the second call promoted by Desokupa, the company with strong far-right ties that called for the extrajudicial eviction of the buildings, finally prevented by the Mossos.

Proclamations against Colau, Sánchez and in favor of the king

In the Desokupa protest this Thursday, which began in Plaza Universidad and has moved to Plaza España, numerous proclamations have been heard against the mayoress Ada Colau. The banner at the head stated “Civil society against Ada Colau” and shouts of “out” and “resign” were heard, as well as insults that, although some protesters demanded to stop, have been repeated on several occasions.

The shouts against the squatters have also been recurrent, as well as insults to Pedro Sánchez, “Long live Spain”, “Long live the king” and “Desokupa no se toca”.

On the other hand, the Mossos have identified one by one the 150 members of the demonstration in favor of the occupations. The participants left Plaça dels Àngels, in the heart of the Raval, and in the Sant Antoni round they had to turn around due to the police blockade.
Once in Calle Tallers, and after a few moments of tension, they have been surrounded in Plaza Castella, where the Mossos have identified them.

electoral controversy

The extreme right —Vox, Cs and Valents— has been fueling the controversy over the occupation for weeks, with a special focus on the two occupied buildings in Bonanova, where there have been no problems with the squatters. The objective, to fish for some votes in the face of the municipal elections.

98% of occupations are in empty apartments

As a result, the occupation entered fully into the campaign, although only the extreme right has used this scarecrow while a good part of the other parties have focused on the difficulties in access to housing and inequalities.

Precisely this Thursday it has been reported that 98% of the occupations reported in Catalonia in 2022 were in empty homes. These are data advanced by Ser Catalunya confirmed by the ACN.

There were 159 violations of address, that is, inhabited homes, whether they were first (60%) or second residence (40%). This represents 2.3% of all occupations. The regions of Girona and Camp de Tarragona are the ones that concentrate the most domicile violations in terms of second homes.

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