‘Pulling the ears’ from Pedro Sánchez to Mañueco for not having an annual fire plan in Castilla y León

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchezhas received in La Moncloa the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manuecoin a series of encounters with three presidents of autonomous communities, which has been completed with interviews with Alfonso Rueda (Galicia) and Juan Manuel Moreno (Andalusia).

Sánchez, in words that the minister spokesperson Isabel Rodríguez has sent to the media, has given a ‘pull on the ears’ to Mañueco for not having an annual fire plan in Castilla y León, since he has assured that it is necessary to “change the prism as a result of climate change that no one denies anymore”. Rodríguez recalled that the “Castilla y León firefighting plan dates back to 1999” nothing less and has stressed that Pedro Sánchez has transferred to Mañueco “his request that the fire plans have an annual and not temporary character.”

Rodríguez: Castilla y León now has more members of the Civil Guard than with the Rajoy government”

Mañueco, for his part, has spoken again of “climatic anomalies” and the “hand of man” as the only causes of the fires, ignoring the annual nature of the fire plans that both the President of the Government and the forest firefighters themselves have requested.

The popular has requested that the Government of Spain “provide the Civil Guard with more material and human resources” for fire prevention, to which Isabel Rodríguez replied that “Castilla y León now has more members of the Civil Guard than with the Rajoy Government”.

During the two-hour meeting between the two presidents, Mañueco presented a document summarizing your claims and that it has been carried out “as a result of the work of the Government and the dialogue with the political forces represented in the Cortes”, as the popular has assured, which has added that it will now be “vigilant and demanding with the fulfillment of the proposals”.

Autonomous financing record

Another of the issues that Sánchez and Mañueco have dealt with in depth has been that of regional financing“a bad and old model that harms Castilla y León, which occupies 20% of the territory of our country and receives less than 6% of the funds”, as the popular has said.

Rodríguez: “Castilla y León has received historical figures of 7,634 million”

Isabel Rodríguez, for her part, recalled that “in times of adversity experienced, we are determined to strengthen the welfare state to provide better service in education, health or social protection”.

“Never before have so many State funds been allocated to attend to the competences of the communities. It is an unparalleled effort that this Government has made,” he added. Regarding the specific case of Castilla y León, the minister-spokesperson recalled that has received “historic figures which reach 7,634 million payments on account in 2023 and 575 settlements, that is, a total of 8,136.2 million euros from the State; 25% more than the previous year”, he pointed out.

“In the last five years Castilla y León has received financing 30% higher than the previous five years”. These figures are “facts” and so “shows the support to Castilla y León from the Government from Spain,” Rodríguez stressed.


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