Protesters gather in New York to protest against the US Supreme Court decision on abortion


Groups of protesters have gathered in the streets of New York to protest against the secret vote of the Supreme Court of the United States, leaked by the Politico news portal, in a first draft that would annul the historic ruling that regulates the constitutional right of abortion in the country.

The demonstration, which began in Manhattan’s Foley Square around 5 a.m. (local time), has brought together dozens of citizens, including New York Attorney General Letitia James, who gave a speech in front of the crowd, according to has collected the news agency Bloomberg.

“Tonight, New Yorkers came together to say: Take your bans off our bodies. We won’t shut up. It’s our body, our choice, and we’re going to fight to protect abortion rights,” James wrote on his official Twitter profile. Twitter, attaching a photo of the rally.

Although the crowds in front of the Supreme Court building were peaceful early this Tuesday, later hundreds of people began to join, causing friction between protesters for and against, including Senator Elisabeth Warren, who has spoken a fierce speech in defense of abortion.

“I am angry that an extremist Supreme Court thinks it can impose its extremist views on every woman in this country and it is wrong. I have seen the world where abortion is illegal. We are not going back, not now, not ever.” He has sentenced, as he has collected on his Twitter profile.

Demonstrations have also taken place in other parts of the country throughout the day. In Philadelphia, hundreds of protesters have gathered at City Hall to protest the decision, while the same scene has been repeated in New Haven (Connecticut), in Kerry Park (Seattle), Austin, Los Angeles or Florida, according to what they have collected. American newspapers.

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