Projectile fell on the Egyptian border and left 6 injured; Israel registered ‘air threat’

At least six people were injured this Friday when a rocket hit a medical facility in the Egyptian city of Taba, in the Red Sea and on the border with Israel, within the framework of the war between the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and the Jewish State, various sources reported.

Egyptian security sources informed the agency EFEon condition of anonymity, that the rocket injured six people and also caused damage to a residential building in the town, located in the north of the Sinai Peninsula.

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Likewise, the Egyptian state television channel Al Qahera News I affirm that five of the injured have already left the hospital after receiving treatment, while the sixth is still being treated and is “stable.”

The media also indicated that The projectile caused damage to an ambulance garage and a residence for the administration of the Taba Hospital.and released photographs of the destruction inside a building and a burned-out car.

For their part, the sources consulted by EFE They pointed out that security forces and specialized teams have already begun investigations to “reveal the circumstances of what happened” and determine who launched the projectile and what was the launch point.

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Likewise, the informants indicated that “all possibilities are open” after this event and that “Egypt reserves the right to respond at the appropriate time,” something he also reported Al Qahera News.

This incident comes a few days after at least nine Egyptians were injured and a control tower was destroyed when an Israeli tank fired “mistaken” shots at an Egyptian military post on the border with the Gaza Strip.

During the last few hours, an aerial threat has been registered in the Red Sea area. Fighter jets are being called in to confront it

Egyptian Army spokesman Gharib Abdelhafez said in a statement that the tower was hit “accidentally by fragments of an Israeli tank projectile” during the war in the Gaza Strip.

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Likewise, he indicated that “The Israeli side immediately expressed regret over the unintentional incident that occurred.”

Egypt, a historic mediator between the Palestinian militias and Israel, is playing a fundamental role during the war, since the humanitarian aid that is arriving so far in Gaza transits through the Rafah border crossing, which connects the Palestinian enclave with the peninsula. of the Egyptian Sinai.

Israeli army registers “air threat” in the Red Sea after the attack

The Israeli Army said it had registered “an air threat in the Red Sea area” in the last few hours, after the Egyptian Armed Forces confirmed that six people were injured after a drone hit the coastal town of Taba, on the Sinai Peninsula.

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“During the last few hours, an aerial threat has been registered in the Red Sea area. Fighter planes are being called in to confront it,” said the spokesman for the Israeli Army’s Arabic information channel, Avichay Adraee, on his X account. (formerly Twitter).

He added that “the matter is still under investigation”, but in accordance with the investigations carried out so far ““The damage that has come to Egypt has been due to this threat,” without specifying or attributing the attack to any group.

He also assured that “Israel will work together with Egypt and the United States to reinforce protection in the area against any threat coming from around the Red Sea.”


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