Project Clover is the initiative with which TikTok will reinforce the protection of the data of European users

MADRID, March 8 (Portaltic/EP) –

TikTok has shared the first details of Project Clover (clover project), with which it seeks to guarantee compliance with European regulations on data protection, which includes the creation of two new data centers and additional measures that limit access and transfer.

Project Clover is the new initiative with which TikTok seeks to create a “secure enclave” for data of the more than 150 million users it has in the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area.

The goal of this initiative is reinforce the European data governance strategy launched in 2021, for which it hosts the data locally in a center installed in Dublin (Ireland).

The technology company announced this Wednesday two new data centers, a second center in Dublin and another located in the Hamar region of Norway, which will work with 100% renewable energy. Both will also be operated by external providers.

He local storage of European user data will begin this year, with a migration process that will last until 2024.

Likewise, and as explained in a statement, will implement security gateways which will limit employee access to user data and its transfer outside of Europe.

By doing this, it seeks to ensure that “any access to data will not only comply with relevant data protection laws, but must also first go through these additional security gateways and controls.”

This process will be supervised by an external European security company. It will also work with third parties to incorporate the latest advanced privacy-enhancing technologies into its approach.

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