Professor Carlos Flores Juberías, Vox candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana

VALENCIA, Dec. 22 (.) –

The professor of Constitutional Law Carlos Flores Juberías will be the Vox candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana in the next elections of 2023.

As he himself has announced on social networks, this Wednesday the National Executive Committee of Vox agreed to his appointment, a responsibility that he has accepted and in which he will put “all the effort,” he says.

“After four intense and fruitful decades dedicated to the study, teaching and defense of our constitutional values ​​from academia, the time has come to take a step forward to assume the responsibilities that the present moment places before us”, he asserts.

“And for this, -he continues-, nothing better than joining a valuable and courageous team, which in recent years has set an example of seriousness and perseverance from the seats of the Valencian Courts. And in a team that is even more valuable, if possible which is the one headed by Santiago Abascal from Madrid”.

Flores Juberías has a PhD in Law and a degree in Political Science. His publications have focused on the study of electoral processes and party systems, the constitutionalization of new institutions and the processes of European integration in Eastern Europe.

In addition, he is a regular contributor to various media, a member of the Electoral Board of the Valencian Community and, since 2016, of the Valencian Transparency Council.

For her part, the Vox trustee in Les Corts Valencianes, Ana Vega, has expressed on Twitter her “most sincere congratulations” to Flores Juberías

for his appointment. “A great professional and a better person. We make ourselves available to you. You want to start the electoral pre-campaign! Vox’s best candidate for the Generalitat”, he assured.

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