Professional development through podcasts: another way to listen

When we develop a process of change and improvement we always break a previous scheme. We do it because we begin to see the possibility of going further, perhaps breaking some myth, in order to advance personally and professionally. One of the ways to achieve professional development is through the podcast, active listening to which can contribute to our growth in any field of work.

Connections between disparate topics

“ECOS” is a podcast that reformulates traditional narrative structures. He has created his own. Exploring a series of seemingly unrelated stories, it challenges us to establish connections between seemingly disparate topics.

By doing so, it promotes skills from which we consider solving a problem from other points of view not considered until now. It makes it easier for us to find new solutions to a situation.

These types of professional development podcasts, while not directly labeled as educational, offer meaningful learning opportunities for everyone.

Relax and listen beyond what is expected

Workers face constant changes and challenges. We need to constantly train in order to stay updated and not stop our professional development.

To achieve this, comprehensive, active and relational listening are key tools. Regardless of our area of ​​training, they improve our capabilities and competencies.

In this sense, professional development through podcasts is more than possible. They are inexhaustible sources of knowledge. They achieve this through words, concepts, narrative structures and tones of voice.

They interact with our previous experiences, enrich our perspectives and connect points that previously went unnoticed.

The strength of the voice

Humans relate elements and concepts through the chain of words. If we do it well, we manage to catch the attention of our interlocutor.

To achieve this we must learn how to express vocally what we want to communicate. The podcast Dicit, the strength of the voiceteaches us by guiding us on how to do it.

Pay attention to the soundscapes

Beyond the words we capture, the soundscape is always present in our day. Some podcasts surround us with their binaural sound.

This way of listening improves our attention span. It also fosters the ability to capture aspects that are part of communication and that often go unnoticed by us.

We can focus on professional development and learn by listening to 8D podcasts like With2ears. Using the same sound strategy, Life Pill is a podcast that suggests the value of knowing how to pause.

Stopping, disconnecting and breathing makes it easier to reconnect with our work with a clearer mind. It makes us find other possible solutions, and even see our circumstances from another perspective.

Listening to the disruptive

Exploring other cultures and ways of thinking is possible from the Argentine podcast The Raw. Through his dialogues we learn about the importance of flexibility, tolerance and avoiding rigid structures.

It opens our eyes to dismantle myths that restrict our development. It offers a way to know how to ask new types of questions, looking for alternatives and solutions.

Besides, blum It teaches us to break away from expected conventions, a real professional challenge. It reveals to us how a tourism strategy can be presented as a mystery, transforming the way we sell ideas to our buyers.

Can you imagine using these innovative dynamics to persuade your clients from your own proposals? Don’t hesitate to enhance your professional development with the podcast.

Discovering what is beyond words

We are attracted by the ability to unmask what gives origin and shape to a product beyond its materials. Knowing what happens behind the scenes hooks anyone.

The big D invites us to know all this. We are inspired by the idea of ​​exporting design processes to our daily lives. At the same time, it promotes the importance of gender equality by highlighting the work of unjustly forgotten creative women.

All the elements presented in this latest podcast have repercussions on the economy. We can understand it from This is how this works. This podcast allows us to approach it in a comprehensive way. It fosters our critical insight about the economy, while reducing our anxiety about everything surrounding our money.

In times of uncertainty, Certainty invites us to explore diverse visions and reflections contributed by creatives and artists. Through these conversations, we learn to share our vision for each project with ourselves and our colleagues. This podcast contributes to our personal and professional growth.

Listening to the references

Evidence shows that the experiences of business leaders offer us valuable lessons about strategy. From them we learn to think about how to adapt their successes to our own professional career.

We have a very interesting case in the series That’s how I started. This is the chapter where the entrepreneur Daniel Romero Abreu shares his experience.

Professional development through podcasts is possible: they are a powerful tool loaded with references. They allow us to develop personally and professionally through active listening and openness to new perspectives. They enrich our skills and knowledge in a constantly evolving world.

What podcasts do you listen to to enhance your professional development? We invite you to share your recommendations in the comments of this article.

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