Prince Harry of England confesses that he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan “as if they were chess pieces”

The advance and unauthorized sale of the memories of Prince Henry of England have begun to reveal ahead of time some controversial aspects of his life and that of his family, which the youngest son of King Charles III recounts in the book.

Among other things, that he killed 25 Taliban during the war in Afghanistan, that he consumed cocainewho attended a medium to try to contact his dead mother, Diana of Walesin the afterlife, and that suffered an assault by his brother William, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne.

It was planned that the memoirs of Henry of Essex, titled in its English version Spare -“replacement, in Spanish”- and In the shadow in Spain, were put up for sale The next Tuesday in 16 languages ​​from around the world, reports Efe. However, some Spanish businesses they started selling them last Thursday.

According to various media, including the daily Guardianwho has had access to the content of the book, Enrique tells in it that during his service in Afghanistan he participated in six war missions in which he ended the life of 25 taliban.

“It wasn’t a statistics It made me proud but it didn’t leave me ashamed either. When I found myself immersed in the heat and the combat confusionI didn’t think of those 25 as people. They were chess pieces removed from the board, the bad people removed before they could kill the good ones,” he says.

The confession has raised controversy in the United Kingdom, where various media have warned that jeopardizes security of the king’s youngest son, of those around him and of the comrades who fought with him in Afghanistan. the sunHe even warns that revealing those episodes supposes a betrayal” to them.

Enrique also recounts in his memoirs the assault that, he assures, he suffered from his brother Guillermo, who would have pushed and knocked down after having a discussion around the figure of his wife, Meghan Markle. She and her husband decided two years ago to renounce the treatment of members of British royalty, and since then they have starred in interviews and documentaries in which they narrate the alleged harassment to which they would have been subjected by the monarchy.

Drugs and a medium

In another of the passages from the book revealed by the British media, Enrique, 38, admits that during his youth used drugs like marijuana and cocaine, and that a few years after the death of his mother, which occurred when he was 13, he went to a “woman with powers”. According to what he said, the woman gave him a message from his mother: “You have to live the life she couldn’tlive the life she wanted for you.”

The prince also assures that in a conversation with his father, he joked about the possibility that he not really his father, alluding to the rumors that Diana of Wales had had an affair with another man. And he tells how he and his brother asked their father not to marry with Camilla Parker-Bowles, advice that the current monarch did not follow.

The book was written by the American novelist and journalist J. R. Moehringer from the material obtained in various interviews with Enrique.

The Plaza & Janés publishing house, from the Penguin Random House group, has ensured that the sale of copies of In the shadow has not been authorizedand remember that the official date of sale in Spain and around the world is the next 10th.

“The publisher established a launch protocol very clear and all customers were informed of the prohibition to market the book before January 10″, Plaza & Janés said in a statement. The company also warns that it will not be possible to reproduce Any informationextract or image of the work before January 10, even if some media has prior access to the book.

As sources from the Zaragoza Central Library explained to Efe, the books arrived at the establishment yesterday and were prepared to be placed in the store because the warehouse had not notified the embargobut they received an email from the publisher warning that they could not be released yet, so they were returned warehouse.

In the Jarcha bookstore in Madrid they attribute a website error the fact that the book becomes available, something that happens in 283 bookstores independent, while in many others it is specified that it will be in the coming days, at a price of 22.90 euros.

According to the editorial, Enrique, who lives with his wife in Santa Barbara, California (United States), has assured that he will donate to British charities share of income you get for your memories.

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