Primo de Rivera will be exhumed on April 24 from the Cuelgamuros Valley

the remains of Jose Antonio Primo de Riverafounder of the Falange, will be transferred next Monday from their location in the basilica of the Valley of the Fallen to the Madrid cemetery of San Isidroafter his relatives requested the exhumation and in accordance with the new Law of Democratic Memory.

Sources from Moncloa have confirmed this operation, which is carried out after the remains of the dictator were moved in 2019 by decision of the Government Francisco Franco from the prominent place of the temple where they were located since his death in 1975 to the cemetery of The Brown-Mingorubio.

After that exhumation, only that of Rivera’s cousinsince the law of Democratic Memory forces to relocate the remains located in a “preeminent” place of the basilica of the Benedictine abbey, in an enclave renamed by the new law as Cuelgamuros Valley.

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